Audible Illusions Modulus 3Audible Illusions  Modulus 3 18 NOS TubesFor sale is a super clean Audible Illusions M3 preamp. This is a classic tube preamp with a almost cult followings. Works perfectly, including the built-in MM phono preamp. The most realistic so...1000.00

Audible Illusions Modulus 3 18 NOS Tubes [Expired]

no longer for sale

For sale is a super clean Audible Illusions M3 preamp. This is a classic tube preamp with a almost cult followings. Works perfectly, including the built-in MM phono preamp. The most realistic soundstage I've ever had the pleasure of hearing from an audio system. The Audible Illusions Modulus 3 has been called the best value in all of audio and it's hard to argue with that claim! This preamp has been the recipient of so many awards and rave reviews that it's hard to keep count. On everyone's short list, The Modulus 3 is an incredible performer at any price and an amazing value at the asking price here.This world class preamp is dual mono volume control and has a attached outboard separate power supply. It has been carefully operated and maintained. In very good condition (LOOKS NEW), and operates perfectly. Will supply with (18) 6H23n / E88CC / 6922 / 6DJ8 / NOS! REFLECTOR MILITARY! OTK! RARE 70'S! TUBES. Audible Illusions Recommended Tube for this Preamp Modulus Series 3 (4-6H23n) Grade A $175.00 per QUAD from Audible Illusions Circuit Design is Dual Mono, Class-A, Single-Ended Triode, open-loop. External Power Supply. Main Chassis has five-separate, fully-regulated FET power supplies in addition to separate filament supplies. Audio Circuit has no Cathode Followers or Buffers. Standby Soft-Start Circuit prolongs tube life and circuit components. Separate Volume Controls are Precision Attenuators. Proprietary gold-plated RCA jacks with Teflon insulators. KIMBER KABLE Internal wireing. All circuit boards are hand-soldered with silver-bearing solder. All polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors are proprietary designs of Audible Illusions. M3 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL Overall Gain: 58dB at 1kHz Tube Compliment: 4-6922 twin-triodes, graded & matched Weight: 20.5 lbs, 24 lbs (shipping weight) Dimensions: 19"W x 3.5"H standard rack Chassis is 17"W x 11"D x 3"H Power Supply, 6"W x 10"D x 5"H Muting: 45 second warm-up and automatic brown-out protection Power Requirements: 115-125VAC, 60Hz 45 watt maximum. 6 foot IEC Line Cord, supplied Optional 100, 220, 230, 240 50-60Hz transformers. PHONO SECTION Gain: 28dB at 1kHz Frequency Response: +/- .25dB of RIAA from 20hz to 20kHz Signal Phase: Non-Inverting Signal to Noise: 74dB below a 5mV input wideband Distortion: Less than .015% at 20 kHz Input Impedance: 47 kOhms Phono Overload: 1.2v rms at 1 kHz (100k load) 750mv rms at 1 kHz (IHF load) HIGH LEVEL SECTION Gain: 30dB, Tape & S/S Processor 0dB Frequency Response: Within +/-1 dB 2Hz to 100kHz measured w 1-1 probe (50 kOhms, 100pf load) Signal to Noise: 90dB below 1.5V rms output wideband Input Impedance: 50kOhm - all Output Impedance: Main-1.2 kOhms, Tape-150 Ohms Distortion: .10% at 1.5V rms, 20-50 kHz, into 50kOhm load. Less than .12% THD at 1v out into IHF load Signal Phase: Main Outputs - Inverting Tape Outputs - Non-Inverting Maximum Input: 9v rms. A Few Reviews: MODULUS 3 Bound for Sound/94-M.DeWulf, "I’M NOT KIDDING-THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU HEAR ABOUT THAT HAVE ATTAINED CULT STATUS IN PERFECTIONIST AUDIO". Stereo/Italy/93-diMassimo Allia, "La Leggenda Continua-Fidelta Esoterica". The Absolute Sound/94-VOL.19, Issue 95-Chiarella, "And There Was Much Rejoicing" Fidelta del Suono/Italy/94-"OSCAR AWARD" (Tube Preamplifier) Sound & Image/94-Greenberg, "The M3 offers the sound and parts quality of a $5000 model at a reasonable price. If you still play LP’s it’s got one of the best phono stages at any price". The Absolute Sound/94-(Recommended Component) Academy for Advancement of High-End Audio/95-(Nominee) Golden Note Award Bound for Sound/95-"COMPONENT OF MERIT" Hi-Fi Exklusiv/Germany/95-von Reinhard Wendmuth, (Test result "EXCELLENT-4 STAR RATING") The Absolute Sound/95-F.Doris, editor-(Recommended) "Component of the Year" Rolling Stone Magazine/95-M.Fleischmann, (Recommended) "HIGH-END SYSTEM" Shipping is 50.00 lower 48 Will double-box for shipping. Feel free to ask any questions.