Cary Audio DesignCAD-211 Founders EditionCary Audio Design CAD-211 Founders Edition Custom Mono AmpsEast End Hi-Fi is an authorized dealer for Cary Audio, and we are selling an excellent custom demo pair of the Cary CAD-211FE - Class A/push pull, fully balanced, 70w/ch triode, no negative feedbac...9000.00

Cary Audio Design CAD-211 Founders Edition Custom Mono Amps [Expired]

no longer for sale

East End Hi-Fi is an authorized dealer for Cary Audio, and we are selling an excellent custom demo pair of the Cary CAD-211FE - Class A/push pull, fully balanced, 70w/ch triode, no negative feedback, mono blocks.  It has a custom BMW Interlagos Blue Metallic paint and a silver face plate.   It includes all the original tubes that are in like new condition.  

There is an option to add some used Old Stock Tubes:

(2)pr - Sophia Electric like new (1pr is new) SET Princess Carbon 300B Tubes @ $600.00/pr = $1200.00
(1)pr  Philips Holland like new NOS 1960 EL34 tubes @ $200/pr
(1)pr of(hard to find) Brimar 6SL7GTY like new Kuhl-Type 1950’s @ $200/pr
(1)pr Tungsol JAN 6188/6SU7 @ $70.00pr
Total:    $1670.00 retail / $835.00 your price

It also has six months left on the warranty and unlike other sellers who aren't dealers, cannot offer the warranty or support!

 Robert Levi & Dave Clark of the Positive Feedback Online said:                                                     
“The 211 has huge, unclippable power reserves. I drove myself out of the room trying to find the ultimate output of these amps. The bass was so magnificent and powerful, I reduced my REL sub to half its normal output. No triode amp I have ever heard has the bass definition and sheer grunt of the 211s  Only a few non-triode tube amps can match this.”

“The width and height of the choral piece were huge. No amp I have heard on the Avalon’s has produced a bigger soundstage. The illusion of a full-scale orchestra and chorus in the room was thrilling. The vocal colors and instrumental textures were beautiful, defined, smooth, and grain free. The amps are also dead quiet. Music emerges from a background as silent as that of top solid state designs.”

“Micro-dynamics were as good as they get. Macro-dynamics were very good to excellent. I’m nitpicking here—I was so blown away by the sheer sonic size and realism of these amps, I set great expectations for their other parameters. As I listened to the solo voices, I reveled in the texturing and delicacy of these amps. The individual voices sounded slightly soft focus, enhancing the airiness of the recording.”

“Spacial cues and pure sweet string instruments are done as well as you could expect, with zero grain and glare. The lack of any identifiable coloration was refreshing. The layering of the instruments and the definition were top notch, and the lack of digititus was a delight. The soloist is sitting with the orchestra, but was clearly heard.”

“he low bass was tight and textured, the violins luscious and warm, the staging huge, and the dynamics explosive. My 600-watt Pass amps did not reach bigger crescendos. You could not ask for more definition. The instrumental colors are spot on, and you will love the 3D clarity of the presentation. If you have never heard 100+ watts of pure triode power, you just don’t know. You have to hear these amps on this SACD.”

“This is the pure, powerful triode amp you’ve waited for. It will power any speaker I know of, regardless of type or efficiency. Its sound is both triode big and triode delicate, and that’s quite a trick. At $15,000 it’s pricey, but the construction and musicality give high confidence that this effort at scaling Mt. Olympus is worth every nickel. The Cary 211s are one of the five or so best tube amps on the planet.”

Dave Clark Added:

“How good are the Cary 211s you ask? Well good enough that I was tempted to take out the check book and buy these after a week of listing.”

“But yes, they are that good.  Way better than the Clayton M100s that have stood the test of time and the competition from the likes of the Pass X250, Simaudio Moon W-3, Aria Audio WT100 XL LS, Joule Electra Stargates, Majeel Laboratories Pristine SA10, Marsh Sound Design A450M, and the McIntosh MC352 amplifiers.”

“Why the Cary 211s? Because with the music we play, they simply rock.  I did find that you will have turn the preamp up a bit (even at their 70 watts I could never get them to clip or flip over to class A/B no matter what I played or how loud)”

“The wonderful thing is that when things get loud and scary, they simply will amaze at their ability to open up and fill the room with music lacking any hint of compression, strain, or distress. They actually sounded better the louder you played them!”

“Bass was considerably more tight and extended with a wallop that was the opposite that their tube compliment would indicate. All this from a pair of 300Bs and 845s?”

“I really do not want to go on and one here, as Bob hit the nail right on the head—these are of reference quality and have few peers at any price. That is musical peers, which is all I really care about!”

The CAD211 FE perennially Awarded both TAS "Editor's Choice & Buyer's Guide awards!

Wayne Garcia of The Absolute Sound said this:

“Combining the linestage with the CAD-211 FEs raised all of these qualities to significantly higher levels. The music of any low-frequency instrument—be it a Paul Chambers bass run, an Elvin Jones drum pattern, or a bass drum or tympani thwack, say, from Analogue Productions’ knockout 45-edition of The Power of the Orchestra (also reviewed in this issue)—was conveyed a rare sense of dynamic limberness, as well as tonal and textural complexity.”

“But up to the amp’s power limits I found plenty of “slam” during the latter’s Pictures at an Exhibition, or in one of Elvin Jones’ many drum fusillades as recorded by Van Gelder.”

“Given these strengths, it should not surprise that the Cary combination excels at vocal reproduction. And first with the Kharmas and then the Maggies, magic was waiting to happen. Mo-Fi’s marvelous vinyl reissue of Sinatra’s Only the Lonely (another mono LP) will leave you that much more in awe of the man’s (then) pure tone, unparalleled phrasing, and emotional delivery. Or listen to Janis Joplin accompanying herself on acoustic guitar during the demo cut of “Me and Bobby McGee” [Pearl, Columbia/Legacy CD), and again, hear her scratchy, sensual, and vulnerable voice with rare and fresh insight. Again, this is the stuff that makes the high end so much near-term fun, and so long-term rewarding.”

“As I wrap this, I suppose it would be great if I could pick a few nits. But I really can’t, at least in terms that count to music lovers.”

“I am more than willing to trade off that last bit of sheer physical oomph for other and, ultimately for me, more satisfying pleasures.”

Whether it's Classical, Jazz, or other genres, the Cary Audio CAD-211FE's will outperform many amps costing much more than it's retail price.  For interested parties in the Long Island area, please visit East End Hi-Fi for a demo. We will help you transform your CD/LP collection back into music again!!

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