Hovland CompanyHP-100 Hovland Company HP-100  Tube pre w MC phonoHovland Company HP-100 MC phono Tube Preamp S/N 1029 Handsome distinctive looks and know...2895.00

Hovland Company HP-100 Tube pre w MC phono [Expired]

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Hovland Company HP-100 MC phono Tube Preamp

                                                              S/N 1029


               Handsome distinctive looks and known for it's great sound.

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This review is a love fest filled with shameless superlatives, and love is blind and can disappear in a heartbeat. But at least in my system, the Hovland HP-100 proved to be a sonic heavyweight at a relatively lightweight price. As a $5k line stage or as a $6500 full-featured preamp, its overall performance provided me with the greatest musical pleasure I've gotten from a preamp. My system sang as it never has. This came as a total surprise—I was wary of what a group of "tweakers" might come up with, sonically and otherwise.

The HP-100 is solidly built, elegantly simple, a pleasure to use, behaved flawlessly, and put on a sonic show that made me want it back in my system as soon as possible. The sound was on the romantic side, but not warm and tubey in the classic sense, and the slightly extravagant liquidity I've repeatedly called your attention to was more than offset by the unit's incredible clarity, focus, textural detail, harmonic fullness, and spatial expansiveness.

In the sonic continuum of preamps I've reviewed lately—all great products, by the way—I put the Ayre K-1x to one side and the Audio Research Reference Two on the other. Midway, but closer to the Audio Research, I put the Herron VTSP-1. The Hovland goes on the other side, closer to the Ayre. Does that help?

I've been kicked in the groin on the test bench before, and I hope it doesn't happen this time—if the Hovland measures like it sounds (a reviewer's reference shouldn't be heavily colored or measure poorly), it's coming home to stay, maybe for good. While I wait, I'm spending as much time as I can with my reference Ayre K-1x so I can make a quick, informed choice when the Hovland returns. Meanwhile, find a dealer within walking, driving, or, if need be, flying distance, and give the Hovland a listen. It's special.

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Review at a Glance:

Sound Resolving and accurate; high level of dynamic realism; "does exactly the job asked of it -- retrieve the source information and pass it through with only volume changes." Features Cool-looking illuminated Plexiglas panel with on/off switch; separate internal areas for line stage, phono stage, and power supply; moving-magnet phono stage adds $600 ($850 after initial purchase); 24k gold knobs, buttons and trim rings add $500. Use After-market Hovland power cord makes HP-100 a touch more clear and detailed.
Value: The best piece of audio equipment Todd has heard; the HP-100’s level of physical and musical beauty usually come at a much higher price.


                                         Has the OPTIONAL Moving coil phono.

The HP100 is a full-function preamp. You get a full complement of inputs and outputs, including an outstanding MC phono stage, and full tape loops. The volume control is a discrete-stepped resistor network, and the preamp includes a mono switch for those early vinyl discs.


Description: Vacuum-tube full-function preamplifier with built-in MC phono stage.

Line-stage tube complement: two 12AX7s, one 12AT7.

Phono stage tube complement: two 12AX7s, one 12AU7.

Line-stage: Voltage gain: 14dB.

Frequency response: 10Hz-25kHz, +0/-0.25dB.

S/N Ratio: 80dB (wideband) ref. 3V out, (with level control fully clockwise).

THD: ±1% at rated output.

Output impedance: approximately 2500 ohms.

Input impedance: 100k ohms.

Dimensions: 18.25" W by 5.25" H (including feet) by 17.375" D (including knobs and rear jacks).


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