McIntoshMC60 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Monoblock PairMcIntosh MC60 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Monoblock PairVintage 1950s Flagship McIntosh MC60 Monoblock Pair, offered in a set with the matching C20 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier The MC60 was THE top of the line amp in its day. It is easy now to see and h...8000.00

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Vintage 1950s Flagship McIntosh MC60 Monoblock Pair, offered in a set with the matching C20 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier 
The MC60 was THE top of the line amp in its day.  It is easy now to see and hear why!  They are visually stunning with obvious high standards of production quality.  This, when mated with their design elegance, makes these amps a centerpiece for the vintage Audiophile collector.  
In addition to their visual beauty, the audio performance is spectacular.  Powered by its renowned KT88 output tube pair, each Monoblock delivers a clean, effortless, and monstrously powerful 60 Watts per channel. The transformers are humongous with each Monoblock weighing over 45 pounds!  This translates to a much bigger bass production and transient output surge stability than the rating of 60 Watts would suggest.  Forget about concerns of tube amps not pushing big, tight bass...these babies deliver!!!
These amps are combined in this sale with the McIntosh C20 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier. This C20 has a champagne and black finish.  It contains it's original top of the line Telefunken 12AX7 & 12AU7 tube complement which all test strong and have complete original lettering.  The original 6x4 rectifier was replaced with a new old stock GE tube so you are set to go for decades.
The output and rectifier tubes on the MC60s are all new.  The KT88s are apex matched and biased pairs of Mullards and the rectifiers are new Sovteks.  All of the signal path tubes are matched pairs of new old stock tubes just installed with the exception of an original pair of Telefunken 12AX7s which were retained because they tested strong and were well matched.
The amps and preamp were just fully serviced and tested by a vacuum tube electronics professional and the tuneup cost over $500. He went over every solder joint, resistor, capacitor and tube to be sure every part was well within specified tolerances. It was well worth it!  
The amps and preamp are all in near mint condition, with all lettering intact, all original knobs, good light bulbs and almost no evidence of wear.  I have conservatively rated them 8/10 because there are a few minor marks which is to be expected after over 60 years of use, but the pictures tell the story. They are in near mint condition. These were just purchased prior to servicing from the original owner. 
They are now ready to please your eyes and ears for decades to come.

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