Silk AudioMC100SESilk Audio MC100SE Factory Upgraded Yaqin MC100B Tube Integrated AmpSilk Audio MC-100SE About the amp: MC-100SE is a Silk Audio only factory upgrade to the base Yaqin MC100b. If you are looking for a punchy tube amp with good power reser...799.00

Silk Audio MC100SE Factory Upgraded Yaqin MC100B Tube Integrated Amp [Expired]

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Silk Audio MC-100SE


About the amp:


MC-100SE is a Silk Audio only factory upgrade to the base Yaqin MC100b.


If you are looking for a punchy tube amp with good power reserves, then look no further than the KT-88 based amplifiers.  The MC-100B is essentially two KT-88B amps in one chassis, with its dual mono construction for maximum channel separation.  User selectable Ultralinear and Triode modes and front panel power amplifier input mode makes this a very versatile amplifier.


The MC-100SE incorporates Solen audiophile capacitors in critical signal paths and additional bypassing in the power supply.  The result is more details and transparency along with a more dynamic presentation.


Currently we only have the silver model in stock.



Other highlights:


·       SRPP input, long-tailed phase splitting driver and cathode output configuration

·       Dual mono construction, each channel with its own power supply transformer

·       Selectable Ultra Linear and Triode operating modes for output stage

·       Solen audiophile caps in critical signal paths and audiophile electrolytic capacitors and precision metal film resistors used throughout

·       Specially wound output transformers using OFC copper and Japanese audiophile silicon steel core material.

·       Integrated amplifier function with one input configured as power amplifier mode

·       High quality RCA input jacks and heavy duty speaker connectors





·       Power Output:  60W per channel (Ultra Linear mode), 30W per channel (Triode mode)

·       Distortion:  Less than 1.5% at 1kHz

·       Frequency Response:  5Hz to 80kHz (-2dB)

·       S/N ratio:  Better than 90dB (A weighted)

·       Inputs:  4 line level 0.25V, 1 front panel power amp level 0.6V

·       Tubes:  KT-88 x 4, 6N8P x 2, 12AT7 x 2

·       Power input:  120V / 240V selectable

·       Shipping:  24” x 20” x 14”  72lbs


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