Sophia ElectricBaby amplifierSophia Electric Baby amplifier last unused unitSophia Electric has sold out all of the Baby amplifiers. This could be the last unit unused. If you have been thinking to own a unit, now it is your last chance for a unused unit.The great sound ...799.99

Sophia Electric Baby amplifier last unused unit [Expired]

no longer for sale

Sophia Electric has sold out all of the Baby amplifiers.  This could be the last unit unused.  If you have been thinking to own a unit, now it is your last chance for a unused unit.

The great sound from this little Baby Amp was because Sophia Electric fine tuned and carefully voiced the amplifier. Those tube rolling users may mess up the original Sophia adjustment on perfect push pull tube action by using unmatched ebay driver tubes from junk yard.

Buy this unit with all new tubes and hear the Sophia Magic!

The following is a review I found on an on-line discussion board (you can find it by google):

11-26-09: Mrovnak

Sophia Baby Amp.

I have owned about 19 amplifiers since I bought the Baby Amp (I am not kidding, I sat down and counted the other day). The Baby Amp absolutely stomps on so many other amplifiers, it has sent a Nelson Pass Aleph J, a PrimaLuna, a Pathos, and a RedWine Audio packing. I can't stress enough how beautiful sounding this amplifier is, I have several 300b amplifiers, and frankly the baby amp. has all of the sound but more dynamics, it really is hard to beat. Spend the money on the sophia Tin Foil coupling and upgraded power cap's, they are worth it. The Sophia Baby Amp really is one of the best bargains in audio, one of those components I bought almost out of curiosity, but I will never sell. (Output) Tubes are not common at all, of course, but Sophia still sells them for $80 a quad. And by the way, I think the sophia (Baby Amp) is one of the best looking amplifiers out there.

So I sent an email to the review author. Within one day, I got a reply in my mail box as below:

Hi Washington highend Audio,

I am a huge fan of the Baby amp, I really can't stress enough to people I speak with how fantastic it sounds, and how surprisingly  powerful it is despite its low specified output..
I originally bought the amp from you guys used, probably the best money I have spent in the audio realm. The amps I have owned including

1. Cambridge Audio Azur 340a.
2. NAD C355 Bee.
3. Rotel RB1080.
4. Sonos ZP 100.
5. Sonos ZP 120.
6. Peachtree Audio Decco.
7. Musical Fidelity X-150.
8. Sophia Electric Baby.
9. PrimaLuna Prologue 1.
10. Welborne Audio 300 DRD.
11. Tubelab 300b.
12. Pathos Classic One MKII.
13. RedWine audio signature 30.2.
14. First Watt / Nelson Pass Aleph J.
15. Audiosector Patek V2.
16. PeachTree Audio Nova.
17. RedWine Audio Clari-T (Custom).

You are more than welcome to use any text I have written in the public
domain for advertising purposes, and I would be happy be a reference
for anyone considering purchasing one of them from you, I certainly
have an intimate knowledge of its' sound characteristics with over a
dozen different speaker types..

Not too mention it is, in my wife's opinion, the best looking
amplifier that has come into our home. I have to agree!

M. Rovnak
Here is my thought on Baby Amp:

While there is no shortage of affordable tube amps, however, none has the name recognition, the sound performance, and the reliability quality as well as the liquid resale offered by Sophia Electric Baby Amp. This is the one that has achieved cult status. It is more than just a taste of true high end sound on a beer budget.

10 watts x2 stereo design.

There are lots of press reviews and user reviews listed at Sophia Electric website.
Here is my experience with the amp:

Note that you can use this amp without a preamp. Thanks to the volume pot on the front. I actually preferred to use it this way, it just sounded more transparent. Using a good preamp would add more tube lushness and liquidity.

This cute baby amp has flat out the sweetest 10 watts I ever laid ears on. Can't discount the looks cool as hell factor either. Great bang for the buck on this item. This unit comes with original boxes, and manual.

Warning: Smart buyer should be alert of a flood of copycats that would steal buyer's money away with a copycat by looks, not by good sound, cost more to fix and with no resale value. High-end audio is an audio art, not an electronics that can be mass-produced without ears and brain. You should buy the real thing here, buy it now!

Shipping is extra. The shipping and insurance is $29 for the upper 48 states.

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