Tomcat Audio7 WPC Auto Bias StereoTomcat Audio CD Buffer Amp. Brand New. 12__7 tubes. Use any of the 12 series tubes in this unit. High quality. Low price. Great sound. Volume control included. Gain is slight. Roughly 1 t...395.00

Tomcat Audio 7 WPC Auto Bias Stereo *****New****Tomcat Audio CD Buffer Amp*****New********** [Expired]

no longer for sale

Tomcat Audio CD Buffer Amp.  Brand New.   12__7 tubes.  Use any of the 12 series tubes in this unit.  High quality.  Low price.  Great sound.  Volume control included.  Gain is slight.  Roughly 1 to 1.1.  Connect your favorite cd player to it and send the signal to an amplifier.  Turn it up and enjoy great tube sound.

I was unable change the BRAND/MODEL.  It says Tomcat Audio 7 wpc Auto Bias Stereo.  The unit I am selling is a Tomcat Audio CD Buffer Amp.  It is also BRAND NEW.  I was also unable to upload photos.  Audiogon system error.  Email me for photos.

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