Zesto AudioBIA 120Zesto Audio BIA 120 tube power ampThis is a mint Zesto Audio BIA 120 stereo power amp in superb condition. This amp has no problems and no issues. It sounds as beautiful as it looks. The BIA 120 is a unique performer, encompassing ...6999.00

Zesto Audio BIA 120 tube power amp [Expired]

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This is a mint Zesto Audio BIA 120 stereo power amp in superb condition. This amp has no problems and no issues. It sounds as beautiful as it looks. The BIA 120 is a unique performer, encompassing the sonic benefits of tubes and the low distortion and quiet of solid state in a single amplifier. It features 60 watts per channel of Class A power in a dual mono design. Fully balanced with no negative feedback and with auto bias so you never have to adjust tube bias. 
This unit had only one owner and has recently been completely re-tubed. It is ready for years of no-fuss, no-bother enjoyment.
Viva Hifi is an authorized Zesto Audio dealer located near Washington, DC. Viva Hifi will provide free UPS ground shipping in the continental US. The amp comes with the owners manual and the original sturdy box and packing.  Reasonable offers will be considered. No trades will be accepted for this amp.


•   60 Watts per channel

•   Frequency response 20Hz to 50Khz ~ 2db

•   Total Harmonic Distortion ~ 0.22% at 1W output into 8 Ohms

•   Gain of 23dB

•   Noise level > 0.2 mV RMS into 8 Ohms with input shorted

•   RCA single ended inputs Left and Right with an impedance of 100K Ohms

•   Transformer floating XLR balanced inputs Left and Right (pin 2 hot) 
with an impedance of 12K Ohms

•   Independent ground lift switches on left and right balanced inputs

•   2 Volts RMS input to reach rated output

•   120 Volts AC mains

•   Optional factory installed 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz

•   Power consumption at rated output 300 Watts

•   Dimensions 17″ W X 20″ D X 10 ” H

•   Weight 66 lbs. (30Kg)

•   Elegantly designed, heavy duty 14 &16 gauge zinc plated steel enclosure



•     Pure Class A. The tubes are always on, so you have power when you need it. Class A is fast and responsive. There is no lag, providing your music more punch, better transient response,
 better dynamic range and more transparency.

•     Dual Mono for less crosstalk and better imaging

•     Auto bias. With Auto Bias, you need no adjustments. It’s safe, consistent and the settings are always perfect so you can enjoy your music.

•   No negative feedback provides for virtually no compression to your music

•     4, 8 and 16 Ohm output taps

•     Eight 5 way binding posts

•     8, 5 and 4 Amp Slow blow fuses for outputs

•   Push-Pull and Ultra-Linear design. Ultra-linear, Push-Pull circuit design to deliver the most precise, enjoyable and faithful reproduction possible. Push-Pull circuit design gives you more power. Ultra-Linear circuit design provides lower distortion

•   High quality gold plated RCA, XLR connectors and 5 way binding posts

•     1% metal film resisters throughout

•     Polypropylene capacitors throughout the audio path

•     Custom Toroid power transformer and a choke-based, dual-mono power supply to deliver
all the “slam” you can handle.

•   3 pin IEC power connector with fuse

•   Each unit is hand built “Made in the USA”

•   50 hour factory burn in on all circuits and vacuum tubes

•   Choice of either Single Ended RCA or Balanced XLR to suit your needs or cable preferences

•   Transformer balanced XLR input offers true noise rejection and isolation from the preamp

•   Left and Right ground switches on the XLR balanced inputs to help eliminate ground hums

•   KT120 compatible

•   Low noise levels allow really dark black quiet musical passages

•   Non inverting polarity retains the same phase as the input
(so your trumpets blow and don’t suck)

•   Gold pin sockets are more reliable because gold doesn’t oxidize.

•   The wide frequency response allows you to hear the finest passages in your music.

•   All fuses are easily accessible


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