MATCHED PAIR NOS Telefunken 6922/ECC88 <> BottomGold Pin The Best Sound Tubes for Pre-amp Bat-VK, MATCHED PAIR NOS Telefunken 6922/ECC88 <> Bottom Gold Pin The Best Sound Tubes for Pre-amp Bat-VK,  Aesthetix, Conrad Johnson, LAMM, Cary, Audio Research, CAT..For Sale !!! 100% Matched pair NOS Telefunken 6922 / E88CC Diamond &lt;&gt; Bottom Gold Pin, and The Best Sound Tubes for Pre-amp Bat-VK, Aesthetix, Conrad Johnson, LAMM LL2 and LAMM M1.2 mono am...239.95

MATCHED PAIR NOS Telefunken 6922/ECC88 <> Bottom Gold Pin The Best Sound Tubes for Pre-amp Bat-VK, Aesthetix, Conrad Johnson, LAMM, Cary, Audio Research, CAT.. [Expired]

no longer for sale

For Sale !!!  100% Matched pair NOS Telefunken 6922 / E88CC Diamond <> Bottom Gold Pin, and The Best Sound Tubes for Pre-amp Bat-VK, Aesthetix, Conrad Johnson, LAMM LL2 and LAMM M1.2 mono amps, Cary Audio, ARC PH-5 phono, Audio Research, CAT SL-1....

Matched Pair Original German tubes from the 1960's. Made by Telefunken in Ulm, West Germany. Made for PROFESSIONAL use. 

ALL with <>-mark on bottom, o-getter and gold pins. SAME serie. See pictures.

Highest quality tubes. Made for PROFESSIONAL use!  This is the professional version of the standard E88CC. Fully equivalent to 6922. PREMIUM quality. BEST E88CC / 6922 tube available!

Tubes are NEW from old production (NOS). Tested with BEST results.

EXCELLENT audio tube. VERY HARD to find now!


Tubes made in Germany 1960's and same date codes (U8001304K), 

These tubes tested strong with excellent on TV-7.

Tested TV-7/U

where minimum good is 50/50,  new is 77/77

Tube 1  =  86/85  NOS Tube Original Box ( Made In Germany 1960's )
Tube 2  =  86/85  NOS Tube Original Box ( Made In Germany 1960's )

Retail =  $449.95 for pair ( Two tubes )
Asking = $239.95 for pair. ( Two tubes )

I will accept cashier check, money order, bank wire transfer as well.

But if you really want to user Paypal please add 3.5% fee. Please

contact me with any questions regarding this piece. Buyer to pay all

shipping and insurance cost. And If you are serious about this item,

call 1 (817) 715-3868 and ask for Tom.

Email :


This is some review feedback:

6922=E88CC Telefunken 1960's Cryogenically-treated Customer Comments:


Customer Comments:

"I received the 6922 Telefunken tubes today. Very huge improvment over my old Mullard CV2493 in my DAC. Thanks for fast shipment and excellent packaging. - Igor" "I listened to the 8 x 6922 Telefunken yesterday with my LS5 ARC preamp, and yes, I have a Ferrari now, with the associated problems too !!! My room seems too small, the cables sound very bad (a room for improvement), and my neighbour doesn't like me anymore... To resume : I have very high definition, very liquid and smooth sound, deep and tight bass, large soundstaging, marvellous tones... I discover many details I never heard before and I can't stop listening whatever the kind of music. My amp is solidstate (the excellent D200 Gamut) but I have the impression the whole system uses tubes, except for the bass and dynamics. So, I discover that the preamp is a very important stage and the best tubes are necessary ! Thanks for the quality, you are the best ! - Frederic"

Customer Comments:

I listened to the cryo 6922 Telefunken pair yesterday and I am still wondering if it was a dream or not !!! Only the input stage pair has been changed out of the 10 of my LS5 ARC preamp (the others are still 6922 Sovtek). But the sonic performance of my system is unbelievable: I had a good car before, now I have a Porsche. All the areas are improved: smoothness, transparency, clear bass, wonderful tones, big soundstaging, it's magical ! What's going on if I change all the 6922 tubes ? Will I have a Ferrari ? I knew there was something wrong with my system before, but I was about to spend a lot of money on power conditioner, cables, bass trap and so on. Everyone who uses the 6922 Sovtek in a preamp should change at least the input stage tubes, the 6922 Sovtek is very bad...!

Customer Comments:

Brendan, you did it again. Your personal recommendations have always been right on the money. And speaking of the money I certainly got what I paid for. I paid a premium price and got a premium tube. I have listened to Telefunken and Siemens CCa tubes and some Telefunken 6922 Falcon Grade tubes and these Telefunken Cryogenic 6922s you sold me this week are by far the best sounding tubes I have ever heard. The dynamics are superb. They are so musical. I can't imagine using anything else now that I have heard these. I'm selling all my 6922's and CCa's that I currently have to buy that other pair of these you have. WOW! - John A."

Customer Comments:

I have spent thousands of dollars on equipment. Purchased noise reduction equipment, swapped equipment and tweaked equipment. I've done everything I know of to capture that elusive sound of real, live music. Never did I think I would find it in two little tubes weighing a couple of ounces each for $400 the pair. Yes, they are cryogenically treated, tested and matched, etc. but what do I care, I just want to close my eyes and be their in the recording session or at the live venue, transported to the real thing! This is it! You know all the adjectives already, so why bother. Bottom line, I have not found anything that even comes close to what these tubes can do to a system. They simply take you from good HiFi to the real event! My only regret, is all of the time, money and effort I have spent trying to achieve what these two little babies could give me for a mere $400. Do yourself a big favor give Tube World a call, spend the $400 or $500 dollars or whatever it is and enjoy the return on your investment. You can then thank me and you'll be glad you did! Rick (A satisfied customer who just happens to love music)

Customer Comments:

Many thanks for the 6922 Telefunken Diamond Bottom 1960's. I have done a lot of tube rolling for the last couple of months and I have changed and tweaked alot in my system. I have some of the best custom cabling. I have some of the best 2A3 tubes and some excellent 1940 6SN7 in my monoblocks, but the driver tubes in my phono preamp kept tormenting me. I have tried many: some of your Sylvania Cryo 7308. I have tried the Siemens Cryo. I have tried the Matsushita (a good tube!!). I have also tried some Brimar. None come close to these Telefunken. All the tubes I mentioned had something special about them. In some ways the Matsushita was better than the the cryo tubes. The Matsushita was more transparent. In my system the Sylvania was the lesser tube, too veiled. From all these tubes, the Brimar had pretty good transparency. All is relative: these tubes are no slouch, but still I missed something...But the Telefunken does probably everything better. The sound is purer. A deeper a wider soundstage and a superb sense of dimensionality. Most of all the Tele's prove the other tubes deficiencies. That is, a clean soundstage and a superb bass, but really superb. The improvement in bass was so noticeable that, what I thought was resonance, and to a certain point distortion, in the past, thus a sound too muddled, too distortioned at higher volume levels, was almost absent now. I still have to do something about bass traps, but with these Tele's, this "urgent" need became less urgent. It took me a long time to take this chance because these Tele's are far from cheap and I was hoping the last couple of days that these tubes would really prove themselves. They did!!!!!!!

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