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HigherFi Magnetic Levitation Phono Shelf ,Look, Save 50% off, Trades OK! [Expired]

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Exclusively Available for www.HigherFi.com
The Worlds Largest Online Retailer of Ultra High End Audio


The HigherFi Audio (100% USA Made) Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation Component Platform V2.1 levitates your audio equipment (up to 80lbs) and magnetically suspends it in the air to dramatically improve the sound and provide a fantastic look and appearance for your audio equipment. Your equipment sits on a thick, clear acrylic platform which is magnetically suspended using magnets. We sold out of our original version1 platform due to high demand and now have our latest version 2.1 available for sale. 

The thick clear acrylic shelf is supported on 4 large and heavy chrome magnetic levitation feet which come with Sorbothane isolators. Once you set your audio equipment on top of the shelf, it will compress the magnetic field and become completely stable, unmoving and isolated from acoustic vibrations.  Just set your equipment on it and hear the amazing sonic improvement that comes from one of the best audio isolation platforms available at any price.

Ideal audio isolation and sound improvement for the following components:

• turntables, 
• pre-amps,
• phono pre-amps,
• cd/dvd/blu ray players or transports,
• DAC's,
• iPod docks,
• media servers
• tuners.
• amplifiers weighing under 50 pounds.

Vibration elimination is well recognized to improve the sound of almost any component and the Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation Component Platform accomplishes this task by floating components on air, the ultimate vibration insulation material. Far superior to cones, pucks, rubber, wood, metals or other insulators ... air provides zero transmission of vibrational energy into your device.

By utilizing the latest advancements in ultra high-power magnetic technology we have created a platform that suspends equipment in the air supported by the powerful opposing forces of magnetism. Magnetic fields have been found to have no interference with the components on the stands. Several ultra-expensive $100,000.00 turntables use magnetic levitation for their platters which are physically very close to ultra-sensitive phono cartridges ... all without any negative effects.

The Anti-Gravity Platform is an effective equipment isolation device that elevates your musical enjoyment by dramatically reducing negative vibrations while also visually accenting your audio equipment to increase its aesthetic appeal. Instead of just putting your cherished audio equipment "on the rack" ... magnetically levitate it in space for a dramatically unrestricted sound with the Anti-Gravity Platform from HigherFi Audio ( see more information about this product at higherfi.com )

Finish: Clear acrylic 
Weight capacity: Approx 80lbs per shelf
Size: 18 inches wide by 14 inches deep by 3 inches high 
Feet: 4 large chrome Magnetic Levitation Isolation cones
System includes: 4 x Mag Lev chrome feet, 4 x Sorbothane isolators and 1 acryllic shelf
Retail Price: $1,000.00

NOTE: This ad is for the sale of the Mag Lev shelf only - no turntable is included!!!

TERMS: We accept all forms of credit cards and Paypal - NO FEES, we provide shipping in the USA ($49) or worldwide ($199) , The MagLev shelf is usually in stock and available for immediate shipping or if sold out for the week please add 10 days for delivery, minor assembly of the major components required (takes about 5 mins). All demo platforms are in mint condition but all sales are final, no returns as these items are at 50% off retail.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions, please inquire before buying, we are open 7-days a week to answer your inquiries from 10;00am-10;00pm
Web: www.HigherFi.com
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