Thorens TD124In Quartersawn CocoboloThorens TD124 In Quartersawn Cocobolo by Woodsong AudioThis plinth is available now, and ready to ship. When I think of the most beautiful woods that I have ever seen, this exact Cocobolo is one of the first things that passes through my mind. ...3400.00

Thorens TD124 In Quartersawn Cocobolo by Woodsong Audio [Expired]

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This plinth is available now, and ready to ship.

When I think of the most beautiful woods that I have ever seen,  this exact Cocobolo is one of the first things that passes through my mind.   While the pictures go a good distance towards showing the beauty,  they fall short, still.    This Cocobolo has a texture that is unbelieveable, the grain structure and pore pattern really set this one apart from most Cocobolo, which is already a really beautiful wood to begin with. 
In a similar vein as the Japanese art of Kintsugi, of repairing broken pottery by filling cracks with gold, at the time when this plinth was being created,  this was the very last of the Cocobolo from perhaps the most beautiful Cocobolo board I have ever seen.  The remaining pieces were not quite enough to cover the interior top at the rear left corner no matter how it was laid out, so I decided to make the best of the situation and cover the missing tiny area with a piece of Blue Paua Abalone shell.  It is not visible from the exterior once the motor unit is installed, you will never see it except when the motor unit is out of the plinth, but it is an example of the attention to detail in our work, plus, we think it is beautiful.     
In the photo of the rear left corner, with the Blue Paua inlay,  looking closely at the wood grain, there is a grain figure that runs perpindicular to the direction of the grain of the wood. This is called 'Butterfly wing' figure, and it happens occasionally in Cocobolo.  I think it is exceptionally beautiful, and it can be found over most of the surface of this plinth.

Woodsong Audio has been building idler drive based decks for the past 14 years, constantly striving for perfection.   Our reputation is based on attention to detail, and absoute top level finish.   We offer full refurbishment services for the Garrard 301/ 401, and Thorens TD124, and sometimes have turnkey decks availabe, as well as a full line of tonearms and cartridges which we like, and believe in. 
This plinth comes with 4 Track Audio footers, new M5 mounting studs and hardware for your 124, and a wiring harness.    Power is delivered to the plinth through a Furutech IEC AC inlet.    A large size venturi directly beneath the motor provides necessary convective cooling.   Stillpoints are available at a modest price increase.   Also included is an armboard.  There may be enough of this exact Cocobolo for a 9" armboard machined to your choice of arms.  Otherwise,  we can discuss the finish choice, which also includes a satin black finish as shown in the photos.   Armboard can be made for either 9" or 12" arms. 
The black TD124 is not included in this price,  but will be completed and available soon.  
Due to changes in international law effective this year, concerning Cocobolo and other members of the Rosewood family, we cannot ship this plinth outside of the United States. 
To view the hi resolution photos of this plinth,  please search google for 'Woodsong Flickr',  (the photohosting site)   You will find our photo hosting page where these, and many other photos are available for viewing.  

Thank you for looking.

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