Athena ML-5Athena  ML-5 Line Level PolyPhaserFor sale is my ML-5 Athena PolyPhaser, Line Level Magnetic Interface. Beautifully constructed in a brushed aluminum case it adds a subtle but wonderful addition to an analog line level circuit in y...100.00

Athena ML-5 Line Level PolyPhaser [Template]

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For sale is my ML-5 Athena PolyPhaser, Line Level Magnetic Interface. Beautifully constructed in a brushed aluminum case it adds a subtle but wonderful addition to an analog line level circuit in your high end system. The case has some very minor blemishes but otherwise it is in extremely good condition. If interested, I am also selling an ML-10 Poly Phaser. Thank you for looking.  I will ship for a flat rate to anywhere in the Continental US. AK and HI are additional. Overseas interests will be considered.

Does anyone remember the Athena Polyphaser? Bruce Brisson's invention, a box containing an RC/RLC circuit which would later become part of MIT cable wired in series with the signal. Bottom line, its a tone control. This is the abstract from his patent:

US Patent 6,658,119 "Audio signal cable with passive network" It is a network for altering the audio output of a system which comprises at least one series RC or RLC circuit coupled between the positive and ground conductor of a cable that is suitable for connecting an electrical musical instrument, or similar source, to an amplifier or other load. The components of the RC or RLC circuit are selected by determining the frequency at which the positive conductor's natural phase angle is 45°. Each of the RC or RLC circuits is selected to have a phase angle of -45° at a frequency equal to or different from the frequency at which the positive conductor has a phase angle of 45° depending upon the audio effect desired.
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