FurutechdeMagFurutech deMag LP,Disc and Cable DemagnetizerFurutech deMag LP, Disc, and Cable Demagnetizer ! Highly recommended for either LP's or CD's. It is not subtle the improvements. Copied from on ...995.00

Furutech deMag LP,Disc and Cable Demagnetizer [Expired]

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Furutech deMag LP, Disc, and Cable Demagnetizer !


Highly recommended for either LP's or CD's.  It is not subtle the improvements.

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Quite some aspirations for this device. We already knew of the theory behind why demagnetizing CDs nets audible results. The aluminum used for the reflective CD layer is contaminated with ferrous impurities and thus susceptible to magnetizing. Ditto for the ink used for printing the label. When the CD spins at up to 500 RPM, these ferrous particles begin to act as magnets as they are moving in a -- however small -- magnetic field. Let's assume that after an hour's play, all magnetizable particles have activated. We'll thus have a fair amount of magnets rotating inside a magnetic field. Little imagination is required to appreciate that such magnets could have a detrimental effect on all electronic circuits in the vicinity. As we have reported in our article on copying CDs to improve their sound quality, a great deal of the CD system is analog in nature and thus very much prone to external influences such as moving magnetic fields.

Earlier versions of demagnetizers by Furutech like the RD-2 enjoyed very positive reviews and those who acquired them still seem to use theirs. The sound clears up, the noise floor drops and the overall music retrieved from the CD (or any other optical music storage format) becomes airier, more relaxed and more detailed.

The RD-2 demagnetizer can also be used to demagnetize cables. Due to its small size, however, one has to either coil the cable to make it fit on the CD-sized machine or pass it through lengthwise in several demagnetizing passes.

With the DeMag, Furutech attacks those practical drawbacks. Due to the larger usable area, a batch of discs can now be treated at the same time. Prepare a preselected collection of discs in advance and your home concert can proceed without demagging after every disc. Secondly, cables can now be treated in a more fashionable way. Except for ultra exotic stiffness cables, most wires can be coiled into a 35cm diameter hoop without issue. The large working surface also opens up treatment of other device that might get magnetized in an audio system such as CD pucks for instance.


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