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We are new at Audiogon but we have been restoring and reparing tt's for many years now. We have spent many hours perfecting this turntable and we hope you like it. Sonically the tt rivals the very famous Garrard 301 and Thorens 124, no doubt. It is, in our opinion a work of art as well. More pictures available upon request. TT BD1 L Plinth: The plinth is constructed out of a slab of redwood, it is a solid slab of beautiful California redwood. It has been dried naturally for 5 years and then placed in a kiln for 2 weeks. It is dry and it won't warp or crack over time. The thickness is 1.25 inches and it has been finished with 8 coats of tung oil. The tt sits on a set of 3 solid brass and chromed spikes. The total height of the tt is about 4 inches and it's about 20 inches long. Weights at about 10 pounds assembled. Motor: The motor is a direct drive AC motor ( +- 0.003 speed fl. )enclosed in a aircraft grade aluminum, virtually dead silent. There is adjustment for speed at the top of the unit. Plays at both 33 and 45. The belt is made of a specially designed silycone. Belt: Silycone Platter: The platter is a 1.25 inch thick solid copper. Improves drammatically frequencies and reduces unwanted vibrations. Sub Platter: The sub platter is a 1inch clear high density acrylic disc. The Platter spins on a solid stainless steel spindle and a ceramic ball bearing. The spindle and housing is a perfect reproduction of the famous Thorens 124 assembly. We did improve it by installing a bronze retaining plate. Tonearm: The tonearm installed on this unit is a SME 3009 Series II improved. The tonearm wires are replaced with 33awg 99% pure solid silver wires . Included in the arm is a Ortofon SL15 cartridge. Arm comes with a set of gold plated RCA jacks. We have other cartridges and tonearm options. Strobe disc: The tt comes with a strobe disc and a strobe light to set correctly the speed. Also comes with a level for correct leveling Options: Options include external power supply, tonearm upgrade, solid stainless steel platter, carbon fiber mat, record clamp, platter ring. Please visit us at: Claudio VTR
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