Von SchweikertVR9-SEVon Schweikert VR9-SE Speakers, Dark Red CherryI am selling my amazing pair of Von Schweikert VR9-SE speakers in Dark Red Cherry. I am a VSA dealer and purchased this pair for my personal system about 4 years ago. There are a few nicks on the o...55000.00

Von Schweikert VR9-SE Speakers, Dark Red Cherry [Expired]

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I am selling my amazing pair of Von Schweikert VR9-SE speakers in Dark Red Cherry. I am a VSA dealer and purchased this pair for my personal system about 4 years ago. There are a few nicks on the outside of one speaker, but these were repaired by a professional wood worker and can only be seen in direct light. This pair is the MKI version, but I have talked to Albert Von Schweikert and they can be upgraded to MKII status for $10,000. If you are interested don't hesitate to respond to this ad with offers or questions. VR-9SE Specifications System Type: Dynamic-driver six-way system using acoustic suspension and a two-piece stacked enclosure system; adaptive room correction supplied for accurate sound in any environment. Woofer Tuning: Acoustic suspension design yielding the tightest mid-bass and sub-bass reproduction possible, without the added problem of "one note bass", often associated with vented designs. Large subwoofer cabinet design enables accurate sub-bass reproduction down to 13Hz. On-board high power amplification allows for incredible dynamic range, as well as custom-tailoring adjustments for varying room conditions. Cabinet and Bracing: A two-inch thick front baffle, sidewalls, and rear baffle provides exceptional vibration control and image solidity, while one-inch HDF interlocking braces provide exceptional rigidity and freedom from boxy colorations. The internal damping consists of thick acoustic felt lining, foam, and Dacron stuffing to eliminate cavity resonances. Large locking casters are provided for ease of movement. Size (per channel): Height: 50", Width Front: 11", Width Rear: 18", Depth: 30". Weight (per channel): Woofer module: 255 lbs each, M/T module: 95 lbs., Total Weight Per Channel: 350 lbs. Driver Complement (per channel): 15" Kevlar-Nomex honeycomb subwoofer, 8.5" magnesium mid-basses (x2), 7" carbon Kevlar-cellulose Aerogel midrange driver, 1.5" silk dual-concentric ring tweeter, 5" aluminum ribbon super tweeters (x2). All drivers use a proprietary Low Distortion Motor system. Crossover: Proprietary film and foil capacitors, air-core inductors, military-spec film-foil resistors. Crossover points and architecture are classified. Binding Posts: Two sets of five-way terminal posts enabling tri-wiring. Single wire can be used direct to M/T with jumpers to the woofer cabinets. Ambience Driver: Rear-firing 5" aluminum ribbon. Ambience circuit uses Dimensional Control (effects level) to compensate for room acoustics and soundstage depth. Provides a Global Axis polar response pattern to simulate live musical reproduction. Fine Tuning Adjustments: Subwoofer level control and frequency tuning variable from 50Hz to 100Hz (set flat at 75Hz, volume at 10 o'clock). Front tweeter level control adjustment centered at 4kHz with 3dB gain and 18dB cut. Front super tweeter level control adjustment centered at 20 kHz with 10dB gain and 11dB cut. Subwoofer Amplifier Power: 1000 watts rms Class D technology (one for each subwoofer). System total is 2000 watts rms, 4,000 watts peak. Frequency Response: 10-100 kHz, +/- 6 dB (16-50 kHz +/- 3 dB) Impedance: 6 ohms avg. (8ohm M/T; 4ohm Woofer) Recommended Power: 20 watts up to 1000 watts (music power). Sensitivity: 94 dB @ 1w/1m using 2.83 V. (96 dB with subwoofer and super tweeter boost settings).
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