Wegrzyn Cable Company 5N SilverSignature Cryogenic PowercordHello all AudiogoN members, all VideogoN members, all The Absolute Sound & Stereophile readers, and to all INTERNET SURFERS:Re: BRAND NEW! The World's Finest PURE SILVER A/C Power Cord by Wal...750.00

Wegrzyn Cable Company 5N Silver Signature Cryogenic Powercord 10Gauge[AWG]4feet[or1.2meters] - 50 percent off FACTORY DIRECT ends soon. [Expired]

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Hello all AudiogoN members, all VideogoN members, all The Absolute Sound & Stereophile readers, and to all INTERNET SURFERS:

Re: BRAND NEW! The World's Finest PURE SILVER A/C Power Cord by Walter M. Wegrzyn, of Wegrzyn Cable Company. From end to end the power cords is PURE SILVER (even the Wattgate premium pure silver ends)!

Size Offered This Ad: 1 x 1.2 meters long (or 4 feet long USA).


Limited Time Sale Starts: 04/06/2012!

Limited Time Sale Ends Around: 05/06/2012!


Specs for Wegrzyn's "5N SILVER Reference High-Current" A/C Power Cords:

Series Name: 5N Silver Reference High-Current

Size Offered This Ad: 1.2 meters (or 4 feet long USA)

Uses: For all components both source & power - Not too thick for source components & VERY flexible too).

Metal Type for Internal Wires: pure solid-core ultra fine silver.

Wire Purity: 5N = 99.999% pure = five-nines

Internal Wire Configuration: 3 x 10 AWG wires

Wire Insulation: foamed PE [polyehtylene]

Wattgate Ends Used:

~15A IEC = Wattgate #350i-AG (pure silver - see pictures)

~15A Wall Plug = Wattgate #330i-AG (pure silver - see pictures)

Special Series: Part of Walter's "VERY BEST" Private Stock cables - he does not make anything better than these babies!!!!

Finish of Cables: The power cords are finished in an upgraded solid black braided outer jacket (for protection & high-end looks) using the WAF Techflex called 'Clean-Cut'. Both ends have violet accents and one end has the genuine Wegrzyn I.D. tags.

Custom Hand-Assembled: in the United States of America (USA!)

20 Amp Version Available: for 20 AMPERES IEC version, add $50.00 USD (or sale price is $800.00/each) - uses Wattgate's upgraded IEC #350i-HC-AG (20A version only!)!

Current Retail/MSRP Pricing, Factory Direct and/or AudiogoN Member Special Sale Pricing (see below):

1 X 1.2 meters (or 4 feet long USA); Wegrzyn's NEW Series: 5N SILVER Reference High-Current A/C Power Cords; for both source and power components; 3 x 10 AWG solid-core ultra pure & ultra fine silver; comes with upgraded Wattgate pure silver ends (wall plug #330i-AG & 15A IEC #350i-AG); includes an upgraded solid black Techflex 'Clean-Cut'; for beauty we use a violet accent shrink tubing on both ends & look for the genuine Wegrzyn's I.D. tag (one end):

Retail Price/MSRP: $1,500.00 USD/each

Factory Direct and/or AudiogoN Member Special LIMITED-TIME Sale Price: $750.00 USD/each


Special Pricing for MULTIPLE Power Cords bought 'at-the-same-time' (aka our 'Package-Deal'):


OTHER CUSTOM SUPER HIGH-END ULTRA PERFORMANCE AUDIO/VIDEO CABLES WE OFFER (by Wegrzyn Cable Co), available for order right now are:

~Analog Audio Interconnect cables (in XLR or RCA ends)

~Subwoofer cables (in RCA or XLR ends)

~DisplayPort Cables

~75 ohm Digital Audio cables (in RCA, BNC, or F-type ends)

~110 ohm Balanced AES/EBU Digital Audio cables (in XLR ends only!)

~USB 2.0 Digital Audio cables

~Toslink Fiber Optic Digital Audio Cables

~IEEE-1394 (aka FireWire or i.Link) Digital Audio Cable

~Ethernet / RJ45-G / LAN / Communication Cables ( for pricing, kindly e-mail us at 'wegrzyn11@cox.net']

~Speakers cables - for both stereo (2-channel) or Home-Theater uses - regular & bi-wire availabe - WBT spades or bananas used exclusively.

~BiWire Jumpers (for "bi-wired" speaker systems).

~WLC's Copper Slam Ultimate A/C Power Cords (with the following options available NOW):

*15A or 20A IEC ends available
*High-Performance 'SCHUKO' Euro-type wall plug option
*Power cords custom-made for the UK and Ireland using FI-UK-1363-G - 24k Gold Plated Conductors ends.

~HDMI TO DVI 'BREAK-OUT" CUSTOM CABLES (HDMI Break-Out = HDMI on 1 end and DVI on the other end!)

~Digital Audio Cables 75 Ohm S/PDIF (1 X 75 Ohm Coax)

~S-Video (Y/C) Cables

~DVI Cables

~Component Video Cables (YIQ-YPbPa) 3 X 75 Ohm

~RGBhv Video Cables (5 X 75 Ohm coax)

~for others not listed here,please e-mail us at: wegrzyn11@cox.net


WARRANTY & 60-DAY In-Home Trial Offer:

Wegrzyn Cable Company gives you a full 10 year warranty, for all your cables, including these power cords, against manufacturer's defect and/or bad/defective sound. Also, try in your home for a full 60 days, if this is not the best power cord you have have heard, for the money, send it back for a full refund (less shipping).

Custom Hand-Crafted & Manufactured by:

Walter M Wegrzyn
Wegrzyn Cable Company &
Wegrzyn Loudspeaker Co
138 West 10th Drive
Mesa, Arizona 85210-3613
Customer Service HOTLINE: 480-464-5547 (MST USA)
Daily Hours: 8 AM to 10 PM (MST USA)
Days Open: 7 days a week

[Limited-Time Special Sale Ends Around: 05/06/2012]

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