WHEST PS.30R, NEW STATE OF THE ART ASSAULT ON HIGH END!WHEST PS.30R, NEW STATE OF  THE ART ASSAULT ON HIGH END!Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE. "One of the Best Phono Stages on the Market!" Offers much of the peformance of the Reference Whest MC REF V at a f...3199.00


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Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE.

"One of the Best Phono Stages on the Market!" Offers much of the peformance of the Reference Whest MC REF V at a fraction of the price! 

Audio Revelation is pleased to be offering the exciting lineup of phono stages from Whest Audio!  Please click here to view all the terrific phono stages we offer.

TESTIMONIALS (for all Whest products)

Awarded 5 Globes - HiFi World, July, 2009

"Strong, sumptuous bass, capacious midband, sweet treble, rhythmically engaging, flexible (settings) with balanced or single ended operation... a brilliant, all-round design, the Whest PS.30RDT offers most of what anyone would need."
 - David Price, HiFI World, July, 2009

On the WhestTWO, I listened to the Ortofon Venice, the Ortofon Rondo Bronze, Decca (The Cartidge Man), Van den Hul Grasshopper III GMA and the Rokson Shiraz. What was noticeable with all of these was the excellent channel separation, giving a wide clearly defined soundstage. Individual sound events are correctly contoured and powerfully drawn, and the imagery has exquisite richness of color...

And now to the Whest PS.30R - very much the bigger brother. It gives you more of everything, by the bucket load, and with this performance, can claim to be one of the best phono stages on the market ... Soundstaging is beautifully three-dimensional and solid.  The dynamics are stunningly transient and fine dynamics are elegant and accurate.

Both Whest phono amplifiers are thoroughly convincing. They offer extraordinarily good tonality, high flexibility and very fair pricing. A must-hear!
 - Helmut Rohrwild, Hifi and Records Magazine, February, 2008 

"This phono preamp is an audiophile delight.  Highs are pristine with very good extension and clarity.  Midrange is clean and unembellished.  Good, taut bass.  Soundstages are recreated with well defined width, depth and height extending beyond the physical boundaries of the speakers.  Imaging is pin-point accurate.  Lightning fast transient response and iron fisted control creates explosive dynamics.  Music emerges from an inky blackness. High transparency and detail means nothing is hidden from the WhestTWO."
 - AudioNZ, New Zealand High End Magazine

"The whestTWO... forms part of 'BEST VALUE SYSTEM AT SHOW"
 - New York HiFi Show 2007

"The top-end extension was fully realized without etch, glare, grain, or artifice of any kind, and there was no transient price to pay in terms of perceived softness or roundness. Strings had just the right balance of velvety sheen and grit, brass had bite and proper warmth, and voices were smooth, complex, and well balanced.  Music just poured forth from the Whest with a natural vibrancy and honesty that is rare at any price...

Its bottom-end extension and rhythmic thrust was the equal of any phono preamp I've heard-except for the Boulder. It carved 3D images as well as any phono preamp save the Boulder and Mares, and had a relaxing quality that put my mind at ease, and is rare and special in any piece of audio gear. It was liquid without being soft, yet was also properly edgy and "grippy" without being too sharply etched.  The Whest ... lowers the performance bar evenly compared to far more expensive phono preamps and, in so doing, simply gets out of the way."
 - Michael Fremer, Stereophile (on the Whest PS.20) 

"Overall, this is a deeply special Phono Stage - the best I have heard to date at the price, or anywhere close come to think of it. Its combination of dizzying depth, dimensionality, grip, speed and evenness allied with tremendous textural accuracy can only be ascribed to its exceptionally low distortion. Superlative sound quality leaves the best of the rest way behind - a landmark product for analogue addicts. Brilliant stuff - make no mistake, Whest Audio is on the ascendant."
 - David Price, HiFi World (on the Whest PS.20)


Already being hailed as one of the very best phonostages ever, the PS.30R is about to take the world by storm.  Based entirely on the Whest Audio MC REF V platform, the new PS.30R is set to become the NEW STANDARD in the sub-$4000 category.  Imagine the resolution power of an $8,000 phonostage in a $3995 package.  This is what the design criterion was for the design engineering team at Whest Audio.  The only way to achieve this type of performance was to scale down a true reference, so the MC REF V was used as the platform. 

Whest Audio Ltd is one of the world's leading manufacturers and designers of premium quality audio signal solutions including Phono Stages, Amplifiers and Discrete Analogue Processors.


Where the MC REF V uses what the design team call a 'buried discrete' differential input stage to achieve its ultra low noise 1.2nV sqHz input stage noise level, the PS.30R uses an ultra low noise bipolar 'matched' input stage to achieve its vanishingly low 1.0nV sqHz input stage noise level.  This means that even using an MC cartridge like the Audionote Kondo IO-J with its ultra low output level of just 0.15mV, is no problem for the PS.30R.  At 72dB you'll have all the gain you need with absolutely no noise. 

The 'hybrid' passive/active RIAA filter has been lifted directly from the MC REF V and used for its accuracy and, more importantly, its transparency.  The output stage in the PS.30R was developed for the MC REF V and is used in its fullest glory in the PS.30R to bring unprecedented levels of detail from the lowest harmonics to the highest levels of the frequency band.  And because the output stage is totally discrete in design with an output impedance of only 50ohms at 1Khz driving a 600ohm load, it has no problem in driving long lengths of interconnects even if they are of relatively high capacitance!

The PS.30R also sports a true balanced output which is a first for a phonostage at this price point!  If you run either a fully balanced audio system or broadcast studio you won't be left in the dark.

And finally, you get all the quality you expect from a Reference Whest Audio product at a non-Reference price!   Because we wanted to make absolutely sure the audio quality from this product should match or better anything in the $4,000 price bracket the PS.30R employs Vishay metal film audio specification resistors, EVOX RIFA and Vishay polypropylene film capacitors, in-house hand selected and matched transistors, Panasonic low ESR and low impedance power supply filter capacitors, ultra low ts time rectifier diodes, low noise voltage regulators, ... and the list goes on and on and on.  Oh, and its hand built and assembled in the UK!

Transferring your collection to digital?  Do remember that the quality of your transfer is directly related to the quality of your turntable/ arm/ cartridge/ phonostage setup.  Rubbish in - Rubbish out really does apply here.   The whole range of Whest Audio phonostages are used by archiving libraries throughout the world because of their superb audio performance and ultra low noise levels which is essential when converting to digital.  


  • Model No.: PS.30R
  • RIAA curve accuracy: 18Hz - 22Khz +/- 0.2dB
  • Frequency response: 5Hz - 65Khz -10dB /- 1.0dB
  • Working band: 15Hz - 85Khz
  • THD+N: 0.006%
  • MM Gain 40dB
  • MC gain 50dB-72dB internally adjustable 6 steps.
  • Input Impedance: 50ohm - 47Kohm in 6 steps 
  • Connections: Silver Unbalanced RCA, Neutrik XLR
    impedance balanced
  • Connectors: Silver Audiophile
  • Unpacked weight: 10 lbs
  • Packed weight: 13lbs
  • Dimensions: 17" x 11.5" x 3"
    19.25" x 13.75" x 6" shipping
  • Operating voltage: 115VAC 60Hz or 230VAC 50Hz 

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