WHEST PS.30RDT SPECIAL EDITION,TAKES PHONO PERFORMANCE TO WHEST PS.30RDT SPECIAL EDITION, TAKES PHONO PERFORMANCE TO  A NEW LEVEL!Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE. "One of the best phono stages you'll find" - HiFi World The PS.30RDT Special Edition - Takes phono performance to...7199.00


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Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE.

"One of the best phono stages you'll find" - HiFi World

The PS.30RDT Special Edition - Takes phono performance to a whole new level with key design elements from the Whest $20,000 Reference model using a pure Class A input stage and delivering the absolute lowest noise level ever!   

Solid state never sounded so pure, so right it will make your heart stop and you might just wonder why anyone needs tubes!

Audio Revelation is an authorized, full line Whest dealer with several models on display ready for audition.

Testimonials (on all Whest phono preamps)

Awarded 5 out of 5 Globes

"Whest PS.30RDT SE is an excellent phono stage that offers that offers the insight and low level detailing that only a good transistor design can, yet is more fluid and organic sounding than it had a right to be. Properly matched to a top quality cartridge, this in one of the best phono stages you'll find. It unlocks the music in your record grooves in a genuinely special way, one which keeps you coming back for more."

Conclusion: "Powerful, dramatic and forsensically detailed phono stage that's never less than a gripping listen"
 - HiFi World, June, 2011 

"Initial impressions (or the PS.30RDT SE) are of a great solidity to the image with instruments clearly presented in space with stunning depth and breadth. This phono stage really rocks and there is a propulsive quality to the sound allied to great delicacy and detail retrieval. So far, I am very impressed at the overall improvement from the standard PS.30RDT"
 - Snoopdog, theartofsound.net (read the blog)

Awarded 5 Globes - HiFi World, July, 2009 

"Strong, sumptuous bass, capacious midband, sweet treble, rhythmically engaging, flexible (settings) with balanced or single ended operation... a brilliant, all-round design, the Whest PS.30RDT offers most of what anyone would need."
 - David Price, HiFI World, July, 2009

Winner - Stereo Time Most Wanted Components, 2009

Whest's dual-mono PS.30RDT phono preamp is an excellent, low noise solid-state phono stage that has a wide range of user-adjustable gain and load settings... I found the unit to be extremely dynamic and detailed while presenting superbly stable instrumental images within a very deep soundstage.
 - Stereotimes.com

"The Whest PS.30RDT is an extraordinary phono preamplifier by any yardstick. It is a grainless, noiseless piece of gear that provides all the dynamic shadings, vivid imagery, and fine detailing that allows reproduced music to sound real... As for me, I may need to purchase the PS.30RDT, because now that I've lived with it there's no going back."
 - Frank Alles, Stereotimes, (read the review)

"On the WhestTWO, I listened to the Ortofon Venice, the Ortofon Rondo Bronze, Decca (The Cartridge Man), Van den Hul Grasshopper III GMA and the Roksan Shiraz. What was noticeable with all of these was the excellent channel separation, giving a wide clearly defined soundstage. Individual sound events are correctly contoured and powerfully drawn, and the imagery has exquisite richness of color...

And now to the Whest PS.30R - very much the bigger brother. It gives you more of everything, by the bucket load, and with this performance, can claim to be one of the best phono stages on the market ... Soundstaging is beautifully three-dimensional and solid.  The dynamics are stunningly transient and fine dynamics are elegant and accurate.

Both Whest phono amplifiers are thoroughly convincing. They offer extraordinarily good tonality, high flexibility and very fair pricing. A must-hear!"
 - Helmut Rohrwild, Hifi and Records Magazine, February, 2008 

"This phono preamp is an audiophile delight.  Highs are pristine with very good extension and clarity.  Midrange is clean and unembellished.  Good, taut bass.  Soundstages are recreated with well defined width, depth and height extending beyond the physical boundaries of the speakers.  Imaging is pin-point accurate.  Lightning fast transient response and iron fisted control creates explosive dynamics.  Music emerges from an inky blackness. High transparency and detail means nothing is hidden from the WhestTWO."
 - AudioNZ, New Zealand High End Magazine

"The whestTWO... forms part of 'BEST VALUE SYSTEM AT SHOW"
 - New York HiFi Show 2007

"The top-end extension was fully realized without etch, glare, grain, or artifice of any kind, and there was no transient price to pay in terms of perceived softness or roundness. Strings had just the right balance of velvety sheen and grit, brass had bite and proper warmth, and voices were smooth, complex, and well balanced.  Music just poured forth from the Whest with a natural vibrancy and honesty that is rare at any price...

Its bottom-end extension and rhythmic thrust was the equal of any phono preamp I've heard-except for the Boulder. It carved 3D images as well as any phono preamp save the Boulder and Mares, and had a relaxing quality that put my mind at ease, and is rare and special in any piece of audio gear. It was liquid without being soft, yet was also properly edgy and "grippy" without being too sharply etched.  The Whest ... lowers the performance bar evenly compared to far more expensive phono preamps and, in so doing, simply gets out of the way."
 - Michael Fremer, Stereophile (on the Whest PS.20) 

"Overall, this is a deeply special Phono Stage - the best I have heard to date at the price, or anywhere close come to think of it. Its combination of dizzying depth, dimensionality, grip, speed and evenness allied with tremendous textural accuracy can only be ascribed to its exceptionally low distortion. Superlative sound quality leaves the best of the rest way behind - a landmark product for analogue addicts. Brilliant stuff - make no mistake, Whest Audio is on the ascendant."
 - David Price, HiFi World (on the Whest PS.20)


Designed quite squarely to be the very best phonostage below the $10,000 mark. The PS.30RDT Special Edition takes on its competition head on with musicality, imaging, soundstaging and authority only found it much more expensive units. Delivering the lowest noise floor we have ever heard in a phono preamp - what you won't hear is as miraculous as what you will. 

A must hear for anyone considering any $10,000 phono stage

The format of the Special Edition is based on the PS.30RDT chassis but the topology is all from the flagship Whest MC REF V. The pure Class-A input stage is a new development designed to exhibit the same noise level as the lowest noise integrated IC chip. This new fully discrete input stage is housed in a non-magnetic alloy module and is potted with a new high-tech polymer to stop vibration entering the most important part of the signal chain within the alloy hand-built chassis.

Already users are reporting a level of performance never heard before at or near the price range which the PS.30RDT Special Edition exists in.


  • Class-A throughout
  • Channel matched RIAA section
  • New handmade and matched ClarityCaps
  • Ultra low noise electronics
  • Matched capacitors and transistors
  • Physically separated channels
  • Single box design

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