Wilson Benesch (Set of 5) & AudionetARC Loudspeaker, MAP V2, VIP G2, EPS, AMP VIIWilson Benesch ARC Loudspeaker (5) : Condition 9, stand maybe an 8-9. One of the best compact loudspeakers ever built, RETAIL $2,900 per speaker, set of 5 with stands: 14,500 WHAT HIFI: 5 star...9995.00

Wilson Benesch (Set of 5) & Audionet ARC Loudspeaker, MAP V2, VIP G2, EPS, AMP VII COMPLETE SURROUND SYSTEM with Reference Player [Expired]

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Wilson Benesch ARC Loudspeaker (5) : Condition 9, stand maybe an 8-9. One of the best compact loudspeakers ever built, RETAIL $2,900 per speaker, set of 5 with stands: 14,500 WHAT HIFI: 5 stars Chief Editor's Recommendation, Audiophile Magazine 2004 (UK) Rave reviews worldwide. There is, short of Raidho's C1, no other small monitor that delivers that punch, musicality, size in sound with astonishing bass and a sense of being there as the ARC by Wilson Benesch. 5x 22kg (250lbs total) total weight. Audionet Bundle System - please email info@blinkhighend.com about details. MAP V2 (1) -- Multichannel Audio / Video Preamplifier Dolby Digital and DTS Decoder RETAIL was $9,500 (2007) "One of the very rare home cinema preamplifiers that is capable of combining the highest tonal quality with complex home cinema technologies. The MAP V2 follows this tradition and furthermore offers a unique functional range, exceeding even the highest requirements. Nevertheless, MAP V2 is still an audiophile analog preamplifier in the best Audionet tradition, offering the highest performance for classic stereo music reproduction. With its unique features MAP V2 sets a new standard for high-quality home cinema and multichannel preamplifiers." 8 kg (18lbs) VIP G2 (1) -- Universal CD, SACD, and DVD Audio / Video player, condition 9 , RETAIL was $9,500 (2007) Please note, this is not the newest VIPG3 (2012 retail $11,995) but an excellent CD and DVD (incl. SACD) reference player nonetheless. "The VIP G2 includes SACD in addition to all other CD and DVD audio/video standards; it truly is a universal player. The VIP G2 produces brilliant, field depth pictures and elegant, sovereign, and powerful sound. Two channel audio enthusiasts are equally impressed by the performance of the VIP G2 as a SACD and CD player." 20 kg (44lbs) EPS (1) -- External Precision Voltage Supply, RETAIL was $2,490 (2007). Please note, this is not the newer EPS G2. "The EPS is dedicated to music lovers who would like to further enhance the performance of existing devices. The EPS leads to a clearly audible improvement of stability, calmness, spatiality and tonal pureness. Music is reproduced with greater listenability, clearer expression and improved brightness. Its sleek design fits in every configuration. Why is an external power supply such an improvement? One has to know that the properties of active circuits are highly dependent on their supply voltages." 9 kg (20lbs) AMP VII (1) -- 7 Channel Power Amplifier, condition 8.5. Retail was $10.900. This one has an extra 6th channel, Retail for the extra channel was $1,500 (2007). "Audionet's most comprehensive power amplifier, the AMP VII, gives you the opportunity to combine all power amplifiers of your home cinema in one cabinet. As the AMP VII can be equipped with up to 7 separate channels even cutting-edge 7.1 cinema is available through only one device. The forward-thinking AMP VII also has the capability to expand existing stereo or multichannel applications. With a possible maximum power output of 360 watts into 2 ohms on each channel, the AMP VII fulfills the potential of even the most demanding loudspeakers." 58 kg (128lbs) 9 ITEMS TOTAL!! Local pickup or shipping. $795 extra for UPS shipping insured. Only reply if you are a serious buyer. Please include phone number for contact and refer to this specific item in the message. Payment only accepted as bank check or cash. Please email info@blinkhighend.com for more information!
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