Zodiac Zodiac+ Mastering DACZodiac  Zodiac+ Mastering DAC Pre-amp with analog + Digital insFree shipping in the USA and I'll pay up to $200 shipping internationally. There are other people claiming to be an authorized Antelope Zodiac Dealer but you can see for yourself here http://www....2695.00

Zodiac Zodiac+ Mastering DAC Pre-amp with analog + Digital ins [Expired]

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Free shipping in the USA and I'll pay up to $200 shipping internationally. There are other people claiming to be an authorized Antelope Zodiac Dealer but you can see for yourself here http://www.antelopeaudio.com/en/where-to-buy that I am an Authorized Dealer and that they are not. I have worked out a 2 year warranty for my customers. Call me and see why I was selected Zodiac dealer of the year last year. 720 308 4000 Be sure to contact me directly as Audiogon still doesn't work right all the time. neal@soundsciencecat.com or 720 308 4000 The Zodiac+ will make you smile. Read on but for a significant savings over the Zodiac Gold you get 90+ % of the Golds Sound. All the Zodiacs are now available in any of the Colors, black is my favorite Zodiac finish. These are the DACs used in many Recording Studios as are the Antelope Audio Master Clocks. They use these DACs to master your CDs, don't you think they may just sound better than anything else in their price range. Zodiac+ is a high definition 192 kHz digital to analog converter created especially to suit the high demands of professional mastering engineers. The 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology and Antelope's Oven Clock employed in Zodiac+ are the same the company uses in its pro audio equipment for clients such as Warner Brothers, Universal Audio and Sony Music. Precise monitoring The DAC provides an openness, transparency and depth that enable professionals to monitor their work with high precision. This allows them to make accurate and creative decisions while mixing. Zodiac+ is equipped with de-jittered, re-clocked digital outputs, precision trim pots for balanced analog outs, and balanced & unbalanced analog inputs. Zodiac+ Mastering DAC Pristine sonic detail combined with professional features Whether you are a sound engineer orchestrating delicate mix or mastering sessions, an audiophile searching for superior sound, or simply monitoring a DAW at 192kHz, Zodiac+ is especially designed to cross-link these worlds and allow you to enter a new realm of detail and satisfaction with your musical creation or listening experience. Zodiac+ wipes the virtual dust from your monitor speakers, widening the picture and adding more details, revealing extra dimension in the spectrum of music. PROFESSIONAL FEATURES Added flexibility for the professional user makes for a distinctly powerful device: AES Input, fine trimmers on the balanced Outputs, mono button, mute select (soft & full), transparent analog Inputs, BNC word clock Input, 192kHz USB. SOURCE SWITCHING With a number of different inputs available, you can monitor many sources such as CD, Laptop, DAW or Mixers and Keyboards. Balanced and unbalanced inputs at both +4db and -10db allow tremendous flexibility, while auto detection of connected devices means source selection is simple and convenient. DE-JITTERED AUDIO OUTPUT Digital Outputs on AES/EBU and S/PDIF offer all the benefits of Antelope’s 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking; so external devices gain significant sonic advantages when connected to Zodiac+. OVEN CONTROLLED CLOCK Often overlooked, the quality of the clock is extremely important when high quality audio is desired. The clock is housed in a shielded container where the temperature is kept constant, therefore bringing significant benefits to the detail, dynamics and stereo placement of the audio. 64-BIT TECHNOLOGY Sophisticated 64-bit algorithms allow precise control over our Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and Jitter Management; two critical components to improve audio via clocking. The incoming digital signal is brought to life with this unique 64-bit technology, resulting in smooth and detailed audio whatever the method of digital connectivity. ANTELOPE PERFORMANCE USB Custom implementation of the USB chip leads to extreme audio performance and comprehensive support for your system. There are user selectable modes tailored to suit both Mac and PC; and with a data transfer rate of 480Mbits flawless audio is achieved with native drivers. SMOOTH HEADPHONES Ultra Linear, Dual Stage Headphone Amps deliver smooth sound at both high and low levels. Custom designed for accurate monitoring with a wide range of headphone impedance. Controlled by a dedicated volume knob. CUTTING-EDGE DESIGN To preserve the full bit resolution of the DAC, volume adjustment is entirely in the analog domain. Separate analog and digital power supplies eliminate digital cross-talk. This is further enhanced by keeping analog and digital circuits on separate PCB’s. These gold plated boards utilize large internal ground plains, canceling noise and voltage shifts. NUTS & BOLTS All component decisions for Zodiac+ are based on a passion to produce something very special - technically, musically and aesthetically. Built with many solid aluminum parts and also very pleasing to the eye, it will be your pride and joy just like it is our passion. Partner you Zodiac + with a Music Vault Diamond for the best Digital Playback. Be sure to contact me with questions directly or for instore specials on Demos etc. neal@soundsciencecat.com or 720 308 4000
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