NordostQRT QBASE QB8newNordost QRT QBASE QB8 NEW IN BOX - US version mk1We are cleaning inventory - your delight! These are NEW in Box. We just located two demos in great condition, look like new from the top but small scratches on the bottom from TC Sortkones. ...790.00

Nordost QRT QBASE QB8 NEW IN BOX - US version mk1 [Expired]

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We are cleaning inventory - your delight! 
These are NEW in Box. 
We just located two demos in great condition, look like new from the top but small scratches on the bottom from TC Sortkones. Please inquire about DEMO version by emailing [email protected] 
WIth the QB8 mk1, Nordost goes beyond power strip:  It's an AC distribution path that leads to superior performance by excellent grounding (star earth) and shielding as well as superior built quality.  Excellent performance and simply outstanding price - performance ratio.  Highly recommended for every high performance audio conaisseur!
The DESIGN of the QB8:  The QB8 is at the center of Nordost’s line of power distribution and conditioning products. Far better built than most power strips, the QB8 is using aluminum extrusion with machined end caps. The enclosure and PC board are mechanically tuned to minimize vibration. 
One key element is: NO in-line filtering or active circuits, thus avoiding any negative effects on the dynamics of the music, as is the problem with most power strips / power conditioners. On any high res speakers that are capable of providing a natural organic soundstage with realism and detail you can immediately hear and appreciate the difference. 
By eliminating any form of in-line filtering or active circuitry the QB8 maintains the lowest possible AC supply impedance, while a tiny lift in the Earth impedance of all but one of the output sockets routes the signal grounds directly to the center of the star and the clean Earth terminal. 
Star grounding minimizes ground loops and electrical noise. 

The Primary Earth socket is at the center of your system's performance and should connect to your pre or integrated amp.  Connect your components in listening priority in your musical enjoyment, allowing you to further optimize the performance of your primary sources. The unit has a grounding post which can be connected to an external ground. 
Questions, requests to [email protected] or call 617.225.0700. 
Inquire about other QRT products, including newest generations QBase and QKore ground unit, that turned head at last year's Munich High End. 
Schedule a listening session and hear the difference. 


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This is a no brainer improvement at a terrific price . GOOD LUCK!

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