Porter PortPorter Port outletsPorter Port Porter Port outlets Cryo various colorsWe have option for direct communication, that's the way to place an order regardless of quantity. Reply using Audiogon communication boxes and I'll respond via email.Due to demand for isolated gr...41.00

Porter Port Porter Port outlets Cryo various colors [Expired]

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We have option for direct communication, that's the way to place an order regardless of quantity.  Reply using Audiogon communication boxes and I'll respond via email.

Due to demand for isolated ground, I am stocking White and Ivory as IG only and also have a few Gray.   There are currently a few non IG in stock if you prefer that design.

Hubbell has increased prices 10% and then recently nearly 20%.  I will soon be forced to ask $45.00 for Porter Ports so if you need a few this is a great time to buy at old price.

The Hospital grade I was so fond of is (model 8300) is only available with magnetic steel back strap and galvanized plating. This is miserable sounding so I've abandoned that design.

By ordering about 1000 pieces at a time, Hubbell  is delivering Hospital grade interior parts, unplated and non magnetic in the  industrial 5362 body,  brass back strap. and Isolated Ground.   This is the best Porter Port ever.

These are Hubbell rated for 20 amp and a perfect replacement for both 15 amp and 20 amp outlets. These upgrade both the quality and connection of your electrical and are an obvious upgrade in our music systems.  It even helped the image quality of my Plasma TV.

Most outlets have plated connectors (Nickel, Silver or Tin), and designed to hold up in harsh chemical and / or oxygen rich environments. This is not only unnecessary for our audio systems, it harms the quality of sound.

Porter Ports began as a project for my own personal sound system back in 2000 here at Audiogon.

Late in 2001 after mentioning my results of these cryo treated outlets in Audiogon forums several members ask me to make available and at an affordable price.

After supplying 50 pieces to the original participants I kept getting requests for more and It has continued since.  A real audiophile success story, made popular by performance to dollar value, I've sold thousands of these including a few well known reviewers systems.

Shipping via USPS Priority mail

1 through 4 pieces is $7.50  ( small flat rate box).  Slightly more for 6 to 10 pieces.  I'll get quote if you wish larger quantity.

Shipping rates via FedEx ground

6 to 10 outlets $14.75

For greater quantity, ask for quote.

Please be sure to include preference for Ivory, White, Gray or Black in all communications and with order and remember to include complete address and phone number.

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