Server Noise Killer! -- Akiko Audio, USB Tuning Stick -- (FreeServer Noise Killer! --  Akiko Audio, USB Tuning Stick -- (Free Trial and Free Worldwide Shipping at is an authorized retailer for Akiko Audio products (USA and Canada dealer inquiries welcome). This fantastic product from Akiko Audio is already a 6Moons Blue Moon Award Winn...139.95

Server Noise Killer! -- Akiko Audio, USB Tuning Stick -- (Free Trial and Free Worldwide Shipping at [Expired]

no longer for sale is an authorized retailer for Akiko Audio products (USA and Canada dealer inquiries welcome). 

This fantastic product from Akiko Audio is already a 6Moons Blue Moon Award Winner, Positive Feedback did a fantastic review and the Stereo Times writers named the Tuning Sticks a Most Wanted Component of 2013. 

We now have the New USB model in stock!
  This product plugs into a USB jack on your music server, to kill all that noise on the ground plane, so it never reaches your DAC (can be used in conjunction with high-end, audio USB cables.

Note: Worldwide Shipping is Free. Jaguar accepts Paypal and credit/debit card payment through the Jaguar Online Store.  The trial period is 14 days (no break-in necessary) and applies only to products shipped to the US.  View the Customer Service section of the Jaguar Online Store for detailed Trial terms and conditions.

Tuning Sticks are based on one powerful principal, cleaning noise from the ground plane of your components and electrical grid, which yields a blacker background and a deeper soundstage. The cleaner the ground, the clearer your sound.  Most of our clients start with an AC unit maybe and a pair of the Universal to their speakers.  You don’t have to work to hear the effect of this product...the instant you plug it in you’ll hear it.

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Here’s some of what Positive Feedback had to say:

"The fact that the Akiko tuning sticks can deliver an improvement over and above all my other noise and resonance-busting gear is truly quite astounding...I added all these other tweaks over the past decade, and each of them reduced the noise and resonance by a significant degree, so I thought that I had done all I could to help my reference system perform without noise and resonance pollution. The Akiko tuning sticks prove how wrong I was."

"I decided to invite a few of them to audition my system with the Akiko sticks, to get a second opinion. At the beginning of the very first track that I played for them, I heard a few of them let out a very audible, "Whoa!" They all found the difference to be quite unmistakable."

"I got comments like "smooth, man, smooth," "very relaxed," "great dynamic contrast," and "superb tonal balance." I could not have described it any better, but it was good to get confirmation that the differences I heard was not just me."

"Guitar strums now have a lot more body; percussion instruments are rendered with more weight; bass was tighter, deeper, and more tuneful. Voices, especially female, have more emotion, and the silence between the notes is more profound. The sound stage was now wider, deeper, and is a lot better defined. The high frequencies are mellower and more liquid. Tracks from digital sources sounded a lot more analog, in that they are smoother and have more midrange saturation."

Here’s another new review from Canada HiFi.

The product is available in five different variations.  We recommend starting with either an AC or RCA unit, then adding a pair of the Universal Sticks to achieve maximum performance.

  • AC (US or Schuko plug) - plug the unit into the unused outlet next to where your power conditioner is plugged or into and unused outlet in your power conditioner.
  • RCA - connect the RCA connector to an unused RCA pin on your preamp or DAC.
  • Universal - attach one to each of your speaker cables, as seen in the attached picture or strap both to your mains cable (these are sold as a pair).
  • USB - plug into a USB jack on your music server and kill the noise on the machine before it reaches your DAC.  This product is still effective with laptops and high-end USB cables.

Tuning Stick Prices: AC ($149.95), RCA ($159.95), Universal ($239.95/pair), USB ($139.95).

Here's the 6Moons Blue Moon Award:

"By merely plugging in the 100-odd grams of AC tuning stick, the virtual soundstage widened, individual instruments moved further apart and Burke pushed his singing chair forward. When we unplugged the darn stick, the stage shrunk back to its initial size between the horns. Did we hear this correctly? Was this stuff really that powerful?"

"Scary? Almost. With the enhanced dimensions of the music we now also noticed tiny ticks and clicks from the vinyl’s surface giving away that this was still a reproduction. Before the universal sticks were mounted, these ticks and clicks had been inaudible."

"In all their differences these two sample albums uncovered the new-found possibilities of our system in full. It had been a very good system already but now it sat at an even higher altitude. Three little sticks were all it took to get up there."

"What exactly the workings of these sticks are is unclear. They seem to be related to the Shakti Stones and Acoustic Revive RCG-24 grounding enhancer. The only difference between those and the sticks is that the sticks don’t introduce subtle enhancements. They cause a vast enhancement."

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