BASIS2500BASIS 2500 plinth and platter onlyA VERY RARE offer here in Audiogon: the magnificent 2500 system without the motor, and predrilled for Graham Phantom arm (arm is not included). Cosmetic condition is excellent, looks really incredi...1495.00

BASIS 2500 plinth and platter only [Expired]

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A VERY RARE offer here in Audiogon: the magnificent 2500 system without the motor, and predrilled for Graham Phantom arm (arm is not included). Cosmetic condition is excellent, looks really incredible, photos dont do justice, only very tiny marks in the platter, thats all. Suspension and the masive platter are second to none (just see the photos). Honestly dont think that you could find a better option for a really upper class TT proyect. This is a rarity, you will not have another chance like this in the future, ..... dont let it pass! I have the original fox for shipping so this beast will travel safe. Will ship within the US only. Flat shipping rate in Conus is $75,- Paypal users please add 3% No motor or arm included, just the plinth, suspension system, platter and bearing (wysiwyg). Here is some information on the system that IM selling: " This especific model Incorporates an innovative adaptation of the Basis fluid damped suspension of the Debut model. By incorporating the suspension under the turntable platform Basis has been able to reduce the size of the subchassis, gaining an advantageous “thickness-to-length ratio” for improved resonant behavior. They named the suspension isolators “Resonance Annihilators” as they indeed perform the function of converting vibrational energy, on each side of the Annihilator, into heat energy. The massive, two-inch thick stress-relieved acrylic 2500 subchassis indeed provides such an ideal support. As stated above, the compact length and width of the 2500, coupled with the high thickness of the acrylic, provide a high “thickness-to-length ratio” for great resonant control and tightly couple the suspension to the tonearm mount area for greater vibration-quenching capabilities. The compact, self-contained Resonance Annihilator assemblies of the 2500 house the ultimate turntable suspension system. This system totally isolates the turntable from vibration in the listening environment. It also damps the subchassis by turning vibrational energy, which has been fed into the subchassis by the tonearm, into heat energy. No other integral turntable suspension in the world performs the first function as effectively, and no other turntable suspension performs the second function at all. The 2500 features the Debut Signature Series platter and bearing. The bearing is unique in the history of record players. It is an oil-well design, the smoothest, quietest bearing type. A multi-component two tiered structure results in the very desirable but seemingly impossible reality of placing the center of gravity of the platter directly between the top and bottom bushings of the bearing. Thus, the lowest possible lateral forces are achieved. The result is lower friction and lower noise, which yields the silent backgrounds, low grain, utterly transparent, and effortless sound for which the 2500 is known. The 2500 platter is lavished with the same attention to detail as the bearing. At 20+ pounds it is not only inert but is also absolutely round to a precision that is finer than one quarter of the thickness of a sheet of paper! Along with the perfect centering of the matched platter, the result is rotational accuracy of five-ten thousandths of an inch. Even without a feeling for just how impressive “.0005 inches accuracy” is, any listener will immediately hear the riveting clarity and speed stability that results. The platter is a massive, two-inch thick design machined from stress-relieved acrylic. 32 individual weights are bonded into the platter to break up resonant modes and add to the rotational inertia. A precision aluminum insert is integrally machined for perfect platter/bearing matching with absolutely zero clearances. One look at the bottom of the Debut/2500 platter with its 32 weights and perfectly machined bearing interface and everyone agrees: this is a serious platter for a serious, perfectionist turntable."
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