DUNTONIC TU-2i (EL-84) Vacum Tube Integrated AmplifierDUNTONIC  TU-2i (EL-84) Vacum Tube Integrated AmplifierThis Amp is in MINT Excellent condition. I just finished selling all my VTL equipment that was for sale on Audiogon. ALL of my equipment was dropped off at an Amp Repair facility in Huntingto...550.00

DUNTONIC TU-2i (EL-84) Vacum Tube Integrated Amplifier [Expired]

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This Amp is in MINT Excellent condition. I just finished selling all my VTL equipment that was for sale on Audiogon. ALL of my equipment was dropped off at an Amp Repair facility in Huntington Beach and everything was cleaned, tested, inspected and certified in good working condition. This Amp was part of a sound system and was running 2 small tweeters. The sound system was a show piece in a living room in a house in Pasadena and rarely used. So this item is very clean and I'm hoping it finds a good home. Here is some info I found on the Manual. if you want a better copy that has pictures, email me. Thanks, Max - 818-263-5570 santur@me.com Thank you very much for using DUNTONIC DU-series integrated vacuum tube amplifier. Please read this instruction manual carefully before using your amplifier. MODEL: DU-2i (EL-84) VACUUM TUBE INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【SPECIFICATIONS】 INPUT IMPEDANCE: >100Kohm (RCA) OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 4-16 ohm OUTPUT POWER: 12W×2 /CLASS AB1 P-P(ULTRALINEAR) *16W×2 MAX. DAMPING FACTOR: >3 FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz-30KHz -1dB T.H.D.: <1% 20Hz-20KHz (REF. OUTPUT) TOTAL GAIN: 30dB INPUT SENSITIVITY: 300mV-600mV S/N: >89dB (HUM NOISE <3mV) CHANNEL BALANCE: ± <1dB 20Hz-20KHz (MAX. VOLUME) CHANNEL SEPRATION: GREATER THAN 60dB 1KHz-3.3KHz TUBE COMPLEMENT: V1,V2,V3,V4…EL-84(6BQ5, 7189A or 6P-14)×4 V7…12AX7(ECC-83,5751,4004) ×1 V5,V6…12AU7(ECC-82,6189,4003)×2 POWER REQUIREMENT: AC 110/220V±5%.5060Hz DIMENSION: 275mm×266mm×160mm (W×L×H) WEIGHT: N.W.:7.8 KG G.W.:8.9 KG 【IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION】 【WARNING】 * To reduce the risk of electric shock, don’t remove the cover. * Don’t attempt to repair the product by yourself. * No user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. * Keep liquids away from the amplifier. If you spill liquid into the unit, pull out the power plug at once and consult your dealer. CAUTION: BEFORE OPERATING THIS NEW PRODUCT, PLEASE CAREFULLY 2 READ THIS OPERATION MANUAL AND THEN SAVE IT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. IT WILL BE USEFUL IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTIES IN OPERATING THIS NEW PRODUCT IN THE FURTURE. 1. It is dangerous to use this new product if This product begins to smoke, smell, or make strange sounds. If this happens, immediately switch off the power, unplug the power cord and contact the nearest authorized service center. 2. Never remove the bottom cover Do not remove the bottom cover of this product. Touching high voltage parts inside the cabinet can result in electric shock and/or damage to the unit. This product contains sufficient levels of voltage and current to be “lethal”. Do not tamper with a component or part inside the unit. Even with the power turned off, a charge remains in the energy storage capacitors for some time. Refer adjustment inside the cabinet and any needed service to your authorized TOP INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC LTD. dealer or other qualified technician. 3. Avoid exposing this product to direct sunlight, dust, heat sources or moisture Do not place this product in a location where it is exposed to direct sunlight, dust, heat sources, high humidity, kitchen smoke, etc., as these may cause malfunctions. 4. Select a safe and well-ventilated location Select a safe location from children, dog and cat to keep they or it cannot be easy to touch the vacuum tubes and the product. Don’t operating over 6 hours and the cabinet has air vents to allow heat to escape. Obstructing these air vents may result in malfunction or, in some cases, fire. Always observe the following guidelines:  Keep this product 10cm or more away from walls. Do not place this product in a confined spaces with poor ventilation. 5. Handling the power Cord Using a damaged power cord, or one with the bare wires exposed, could cause fire or result in electric shock. Always observe the following guidelines: When unplugging from the AC mains, never pull the cord. Always grip the plug when unplugging the power cord. Never place this product itself, furniture, rugs or other heavy objects on the power cord. If the power cord must pass near a heater, make sure the cord is far enough from the heater, that the cord under no circumstances will melt or come in contact with the heater. If the power cord is damaged, immediately purchase a new one from the nearest service center approved by TOP INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC LTD. 6. When the product will not be used for an extended period of time If you go away on holiday or otherwise will be absent for a long time, as a safety precaution, unplug the power cord from the AC mains or turn the mains power switch (OI) to move it from ON to OFF. 7. Do not place objects containing liquids on top of this product 3 Do not place any objects containing water or other liquids on this product. If liquids enters this product, it can cause malfunction, electrical shock or fire. If liquid should enter the cabinet, unplug the power cord from the AC mains and contact the nearest service center approved by TOP INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC LTD. 8. Never insert objects into this product Do not insert or drop metallic or inflammable objects into this product through the air vents, as this can cause serious damage, electrical shock, or possibly fire. 9. Keep the product away from strongly magnetic objects. WARNING: THIS APPARATUS MUST BE EARTHED IMPORTANT: THE WIRES IN THIS MAINS LEAD ARE COLOURED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING CODE. GREEN-AND YELLOW: EARTH, BLUE: NEUTRAL, BROWN: LIVE As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this apparatus may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug proceed as follows: The wire which is coloured GREEN-AND-YELLOW must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked by the letter E or by the safety earth symbol “GND.” or coloured GREEN or GREEN-AND-YELLOW. The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured BLACK. The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the Letter L or coloured RED. For the U.K. *The product which is equipped with a THREE WIRE GROUNDING TYPE AC PLUG must be grounded. 【WARRANTY SERVICE】 1. This product(s) is (are) warranted for a period of ONE YEAR and the vacuum tubes only guaranteed for a period of a SIX MONTHS beginning from the date of purchase. 2. To obtain warranty service, the warranty card bearing your dealer’s company chop or signature must be returned to your dealer or our company within ten days from the date of purchase. 3. The defective product must be returned to your dealer or our company for repair when your requirement is accepted by your dealer or our company. 4. The warranty doesn’t extend to any product that has been opened by yourself without the permission of our company. NOTICE: * The information and circuit diagram in this instruction is subject to change without notice. 4 【OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS】 (I) UNPACKING Please check carefully whether or not there is any damage with the carton before unpacking. Put it on a flat surface with the arrow upward, then unpack the carton and you will find: (1) an amplifier of DUNTONIC DU-2i (2) a few tubes packed spacially (3) a power suppy cords (4) an instruction manual (5) a warranty card (6) two pieces of fuse. PROPOSITION: Please save the carton and the packing material, they will be helpful if you need to move your unit. NOTE: * Please check whether your line voltage is the same as that marked on this unit. If not, please contact your dealer or our company. (II) INSTALLING TUBES Refer to the installation illustrations on page-6, install the tubes to the suitable sockets on chassis. NOTE: * Be sure to disconnect the power cord before you perform these installing procedures. (III) CONNECTING Select the suitable input socket on the rear panel for your sound source and set the input selector to the correct position, connect the amplifier to the sound source with the signal wire. Don’t confuse L with R. Select the suitable output impedance terminals on the rear panel for your speaker, connect the amplifier to the speaker with specialized audio cable. Be sure to connect only Positive (+) cords to Positive (+) terminals, and Negative (-) cords to Negative (-) terminals. Then connect the power cord. At first plug the power cord into the power socket on the rear panel , and come next plug the other end of power cord into a power outlet. NOTE: * The power outlet which the amplifier power cord is connected to must be the 3-pin grounding type. (IV) TURNING ON When you are sure the connections are correct, adjust the “VOLUME” to the lowest position and turn on the amplifier by turning the “POWER” button then the indication lamp will light up, indicating the amplifier is normal . Then you will enjoy the music 5 by adjusting the “VOLUME” and selecting the “NF. ADJ.” while your sound source is working. NOTE: * To prevent damage to circuit, never short-circuit Positive (+) and Negative (-) speaker terminals. * Be sure to set the “VOLUME” control to the lowest position before turning on or disconnecting the speakers while the unit is on. 【DIAGRAM】 DIAGRAM 1. DU-2i FRONT PANEL ①POWER SWITCH ②POWER INDICATOR ③HEADPHONE JACK ④NF ADJ ⑤VOLUME ⑥INPUT SELECTOR 6 ①CD INPUT ②AUX1 INPUT ③AUX2 INPUT ④AUDIO.OUT ⑤R.CH SPEAKER OUTPUT ⑥L.CH SPEAKER OUTPUT ⑦POWER INPUT SOCKET DIAGRAM 2. DU-2i REAR PANEL 7 【CONNECTION DIAGRAM】 DIAGRAM 3. DU-2i VACUUM TUBE INSTALLING ①POWER TRANSFORMER ②AUDIO TRANSFORMER REMARK: ○A V1,V2,V3&V4:EL-84(6BQ5, 7189A or 6P-14) ○B V7:12AX7(ECC-83) ○C V5&V6:12AU7(ECC-82)
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