BSG QOL Signal Completion StageBSG  QOL Signal Completion Stage Save $3000.00 on new units- Amazing dealAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST or PAYMENTS thru PayPalI have bought the last of the $3995.00 Stereophile Class A rated Signal Completion stages from BSG. These are new sealed units t...999.00

BSG QOL Signal Completion Stage Save $3000.00 on new units- Amazing deal [Expired]

no longer for sale

         Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST or PAYMENTS thru PayPal

I have bought the last of the $3995.00 Stereophile Class A rated  Signal Completion stages from BSG. These are new sealed units that originally sold for $3995.00. They went direct about 18 months ago and dropped the price to $2395.00 directly from the factory. They will come with a one year Underwood parts and labor warranty.

These are multi-voltage and will work worldwide. International sales are paid by bank funds wire transfer or PayPal.

They are available in silver only as they never made them in black

I have only 3 left for $999.00. Save $3000.00

               Free freight in the lower 48 states.

                              Email for freight cost if out of the lower 48.

This product is currently Class A rated in Stereophile and also received excellent reviews in The Absolute Sound as well as many other publications. All at its $3995.00 retail price.

From the bsg website:

The bsg technologies qøl™ Signal Completion Stage is a new technology and an entirely new category of component. It is an addition to existing systems, not a replacement of any equipment. It is built to the highest standards of audiophiles and music lovers, with features that make it versatile and compatible with all components, cables and systems. A huge step toward realism, naturalism and enjoyment, our patent-pending qøl™ technology is the most significant advance in audio in decades. For the first time, fundamental elements of sound, previously hidden and buried in all audio signals, can now be retrieved and reproduced.

There are lots of reviews at:

Robert Harley from TAS said:

"I realize that the BSG Technologies Signal Completion Stage will be controversial, and that I’m going out on a limb with my enthusiasm for it. Frankly, it seems too good to be true. But try as I might to discover something about the sound that was antithetical to high-end values, I couldn’t." "Only a few people so far have heard the Signal Completion Stage in their own systems, but I’ve had conversations and e-mail exchanges with one of them, a 40-year industry veteran, whose reaction was identical to mine right down the line, from the initial skepticism, to our specific listening impressions, to the desire to keep the Signal Completion Stage in our respective systems."

Read the full review at:

Stereophile summed with:

"I liked what it did to every recording I played through it. So much of the live event doesn't make it through to a two-channel recording, and the Signal Completion Stage usefully increased stereo's sense of envelopment. The answer to the fundamental question a reviewer must ask—"Does the product make the sound better?"—is an unequivocal "Yes."

Read the entire review at

Stereotimes said:
"As it stands now, my smaller rig is a beneficiary of all the sonic improvements the qøl has to offer. It’s true, I think that $4,000 is a lot to ask for any component that ultimately qualifies as a tweak — especially without the opportunity of hearing it. But once you do hear it, you might find yourself surprised that this particular “tweak” is an actually necessity! Highly recommended!

Read the review at:

Soundstage summed with:

"BSG’s qøl processing is not available from any other component in your system. If you upgrade from a $1000 amp to a $20,000 amp, you still won’t get the expanded and enhanced sound you get from the qøl. If you want this sound, there’s only one place to get it, and that’s from the qøl Signal Completion Stage. I would probably be wildly enthusiastic about the qøl processor if it were a much simpler, $1000 product without a thick aluminum faceplate, a remote control, and multiple inputs and outputs. At $3995, it had damn well better be able to deliver something special you can’t get elsewhere, and it does. But I can’t rave about it when it costs $3995. It is now $999.00 from us.

That said, what the qøl does is very difficult to give up once you’ve heard it. I’ve never heard anything that does what the qøl Signal Completion Stage does at any price. Some will consider $3995 a bargain -- they might upgrade from $15,000 speakers to $50,000 speakers and still not hear the things the qøl does. But for many, the price of admission is high enough to put the qøl out of reach. That’s a shame, and something that might change in the future. BSG Technologies reps told me that they’d like to license the qøl technology to other manufacturers to incorporate in preamps, or even in multichannel audio products. Bring it on! Qøl processing is so good that it deserves to be in everyone’s system."

The owners manual can be read here:

See all info on the website at:

I have a limited quantity at this killer deal.

Read our AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and buy with confidence.

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