Acoustic EnergyAE109Acoustic Energy AE109 Excellent British Floorstanding SpeakersI am the original owner of these great British made Acoustic Energy AE109 speakers. These speakers function perfectly and are very good cosmetic condition. Video of these speakers

Acoustic Energy AE109 Excellent British Floorstanding Speakers [Expired]

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I am the original owner of these great British made Acoustic Energy AE109 speakers. These speakers function perfectly and are very good cosmetic condition. Video of these speakers Just copy and paste the link above into your internet address bar. Sorry, I only had time to record the video with my cellphone. Sound Acoustically, these AE109s are detailed with warm treble (soft dome) and plenty of solid quick bass (mid-bass and woofer). Being a classically trained musician and conductor, I like speakers that are natural, neutral and realistic, typical of British designed and manufactured speakers. These speakers are fairly efficient, so they work well with either solid state or tube amplification. These AE109s sound best at moderate or moderately high playback levels. Due to the relatively narrow cabinet design, the stereo sound stage width, depth and imagining is very good. At the time I bought these speakers, I owned a pair of Spica Angelus speakers (Stereophile Class B) which my interior designer wife made me sell due to their size and unusual shape. I found through A/B testing that the quality and character of sound produced by the AE109s was as good, if not better than the Spicas. What really surprised me was that the imaging of the AE109s was nearly as good as Spicas which are still consider one the best ever for their imaging characteristics. When I purchased these AE109 speakers, I choose them over speakers by many American and British manufacturers such as Epos, Mission, KEF, Splendor, etc. after a great deal of listening and A/B comparison. Reviews What others say about Acoustic Energy AE109 speakers, "Reviews: Winner of numerous awards in the UK from What Hi-Fi? and the Ultimate Hi-Fi Home Cinema Guide What Hi-Fi Awards: Rated: 5 Star Buy. "The 109s' scale and clarity are impressive. Tight, agile, controlled and extremely natural, they focus attention on the musical performance - these are class-leading speakers" Commanding balance; invigorating sonic snap. Verdict: The AE109s are supreme all-rounders in this test. "But these five all-important super test gold stars go to the Acoustic Energy AE109s. Unlike any other contender here, they're all-rounders in the truest sense; they offer a performance that sparkles in a multitude of systems with all kinds of music" Specifications: Enclosure type: 2.5-way with twin front ports, bass reflex box, Precision engineered low resonance triple chamber bass reflex enclosure,18mm MDF throughout with full internal bracing, mass loading and base plinth. Drivers : HF unit: 25mm soft fabric dome, ferrofluid cooled and damped, magnetically shielded MF/LF units: 90mm polymer-pulp diaphragm cones with 32mm high-power voice coils. Magnetically shielded. Crossover: 3-way, 8 element 12dB per octave slope at 300Hz and 3kHz with high power low-distortion toroid inductor for bass. Power Handling : 150 watts max. Overall frequency response : 35Hz to 22kHz. Frequency Response : 55Hz to 18kHz [± 3db]. Sensitivity : 90 dB/1w/1m. Impedance : 6 ohms nominal Terminals : gold-plated 2-way binding posts bi-wired. Finish : Black ash vinyl, black grille cloth. Dimensions [H x W x D]: 840 x 180 x 250mm. Weight : ~ 20kg each, 22kg each packed.
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