Bowers and Wilkins801D black Rare and now a classic B&W 801D in black finish. These speakers are getting much harder to find. The last of the B&W’s with the 15” woofer. Yes, they take up more floor space than an 802...11000.00

Bowers and Wilkins 801D black B&W BW Bower Excellent condition 801 [Expired]

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Rare and now a classic B&W 801D in black finish.  These speakers are getting much harder to find.  The last of the B&W’s with the 15” woofer.  Yes, they take up more floor space than an 802D but they also blow them away.  Ask any of my customers that used to have 802D’s.  Do you like to feel the tight kick drum without a subwoofer?  Can you hear the pluck and weight of that 5 string electric bass?  If you like dynamic rock, jazz or classical, this speaker will do it without straining.  Effortless detail from the top, to the very bottom.  Power handling is twice that of an 802D.  These include original boxes and packing in excellent condition, which, by the way, is worth 1000.00 pr. if you could still get them from B&W, which you can’t.  

I know the history of these speakers from their delivery from B&W.  I sold, delivered, and installed this one-owner pair of B&W 801Ds.  Now I have picked them up, and carefully prepared them for safe shipment to you.  At this price I’m including:  both $200 factory spike kits, casters, the much better sounding metal midrange phase plugs, cleaning cloths, all six grilles, factory packaging, freight shipping, insurance, AudioGon/PayPal fees, everything to your door.  Also I will buy back this factory packaging for $900 if shipped back to me in the condition in which it was received.  The B&W 801D is such an incredible performer that the factory packaging is worth that much to have it back.  I’ve taken pictures of the few nicks or scratches on them.  They are in 9/10 condition.  It’s difficult to see or photograph the few flaws, see pictures.  I have over a decade of 100% positive feedback and am a fast shipper, these will arrive freight, 664 pounds to your door on two pallets.  Also take note of the distortion on this speaker…not even the $30,000 800D3 touches the 801Ds incredible <1.0% 40Hz and <0.5% at 50Hz 2nd and 3rd order distortion measurements.  I compared, and these are significantly better than the 802D, 800D, 802D2, and probably a few D3 models.  The most satisfying B&W ever made.  

The 801D's single 15" woofer displaces 13% more air than the 800D and delivers a much more controlled, snappy bottom end.  Notes start and stop with precision.  The dual woofer 802/800 sound smeared and soft in direct comparison.  The 15" woofer is not "too big and/or slow", quite the opposite.  Lastly you do not need a huge amplifier to "control that large woofer".  These speakers have a fairly flat and forgiving impedance curve.  These can be run well with a big Denon receiver, I've installed them this way several times.  That said, a larger, better-sounding amplifier, such as a nice big Krell will naturally sound better.  :-)  Haven't heard a speaker under $20k that touches the mighty 801D in any performance area.  

<from B&W website>

Slightly taller than its Nautilus 801 predecessor and with a revised design for the plinth and underside of the cabinet, the 801D is easier on the eye despite its size. It has a larger volume than the 800D and a bass alignment suited to rooms with a more controlled acoustic. 

Bass is provided by a single 15” Rohacell sandwich cone driver, supported by a down-firing Flowport. With the same midrange and tweeter arrangement as the 800D, the 801D also combines power with subtlety. The diamond dome tweeter is amazing in its ability to reproduce high frequencies in the most natural way – everything is there as it should be, without exaggeration. 

As with all the 800 Series systems, the minimalist approach to crossover design and the use of the newest components ensures all the drivers combine to form a coherent whole. 

B&W 801D 

Free-mounted diamond dome tweeter Kevlar brand fibre cone FST midrange Rohacell cone bass Nautilus head Matrix cabinet Flowport 

3-way vented-box system 

1x25mm (1 in) diamond dome high-frequency

1x150mm (6 in) woven Kevlar cone FST midrange 

1x380mm (15 in) Rohacell cone bass 

Description:  3-way vented-box system 

Frequency Range:  -6dB at 23Hz and 33kHz 

Frequency Response:  29Hz – 28kHz ±3dB on reference axis 

Within 2dB of reference response Horizontal over 60 deg, Vertical over 10 deg

Sensitivity:  90dB spl (2.83V, 1m) 

Harmonic distortion 2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m):  

<1% 40Hz - 100kHz,  <0.5% 50Hz - 100kHz

Impedance:  8Ω (minimum 3.5Ω) 

Crossover frequency:  350Hz, 4kHz

Recommended amplifier power:  50W - 1000W on unclipped program

Dimensions:  H 46.9” W 19.9” D 26.9” (not including feet) 

Weight:  118 kg / 260 lbs.

Finish:  Black Ash 

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