Emerald PhysicsCS2P SALEEmerald Physics CS2P SALE OB spkrs w/dual 15" woofers & DSP-Save $2750.00Our new Show place in Broomfield, Colorado is now available for auditions. Multiple Emerald Physics systems are set up. Call for an appointment. Easily the best speaker at near this ...2299.00

Emerald Physics CS2P SALE OB spkrs w/dual 15" woofers & DSP-Save $2750.00 [Expired]

no longer for sale

   Our new Show place in Broomfield, Colorado is now available for auditions.
            Multiple Emerald Physics systems are set up. Call for an appointment.

Easily the best speaker at near this price, or way more, while supply lasts.

The CS2P is an update to the original CS2 that received so many great reviews. It has mush nicer cosmetics as well as a better tweeter and new crossover/EQ. Only the woofers are the same. And they can now be either single amped or biamped.

6 months NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPal.

The CS2P can be single amped or biamped.

We now have consumer demos for qualified potential customers in:

Louisville, KY 40245

Wildomar, CA 45


Lynchburg, VA 24503

White Plains, NY 10605

Alabaster, AL 35007

Los Angeles, CA 90046

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Newport Beach, CA

River Vale, NJ- This is near Saddle River; about 1.5 hours from the Princeton area, and about 2 -2.5 hours from Philadelphia

See the new December 2014 review at:

Here are some quotes from the review:

"They fulfilled my wishes for reproduced sound (extension at the frequency extremes, lustrous midrange, tactile soundstaging, speed, solidity, and dynamic prowess) and for speakers in general (easy driveability, affordability and maneuverability)." and "Unlike some speakers that seem best suited for certain types of music, the Emerald Physics CS2Ps were comfortable with everything I threw at them. From acoustic to electronic, symphonic to jazz, the CS2Ps simply reproduced the music without editorializing. So revealing are these speakers that they would make excellent tools for equipment and music reviewers. No doubt they would really sparkle in a larger room, but I could not fault them in my smallish one. So enthralled was I with the sound of these speakers that I didn’t want to shut the system down. It seemed that every record or CD I played revealed new information in a new way."

See out new video tour at: http://www.avshowrooms.com/Emerald_Physics_Tour.html

For a limited time we will have our highly reviewed Beautiful Black or Gray Tricoat CS2P open baffle loudspeakers on sale for $2299.00 with a FREE $850.00 DSP2.4. This is our $3000.00 pair of speakers with a $1200.00 hand painted finish and $850.00 DSP at only $2299.00 for the pair. Only 4 sets left at this deal.

The CS2P is the upgrade for the original revolutionary CS2. It is designed for Single amp or biamp operation. They are better sounding than the originals that got great reviews. They are also far better looking. These come with the $1200.00 upgraded Tri-coat hand painted black or Gray gloss automotive finish.

In the Dec 2013 Positive Feedback review Michael Wechsberg sums up with:
"The Emerald Physics CS2P and their amplifiers provide almost everything most music lovers want. A beautiful open sound, spectacular dynamics, thundering bass, and pinpoint imaging combine to allow the listener to appreciate the heart and soul of the music. That this is all possible for around $5000 is amazing. The most negative thing I have to say about this system is that the speakers are large, and may be difficult to integrate and accept in some rooms. The size is unavoidable, given the open baffle design approach. However, the engineering design of the CS2Ps, combined with the judicious use of digital signal processing, is brilliant. It is possible to get better sound than this, but one has to spend thousands more to do so. I would say that the weakest part of the performance of the system is in high frequency detail and transparency. These are good, but perhaps not as good as some other aspects of the system. Emerald Physics can probably upgrade performance further by improving the digital processing. This speaker may not be for the most die-hard of audiophiles – it’s lacking some of the liveness, coherency, and rhythmic drive of the best systems – but it gets you very close to that ideal for a relatively small amount of money. I also want to single out the Emerald Physics amplifiers, especially the 100W amps. I’m not sure how they would do in a system with radically different speakers, but I found few shortcomings when used with the CS2Ps. They look pretty modest but they pack a wallop! The Emerald Physics speakers are only available for purchase over the Internet. It is hard to audition them, except at regional audio shows or in the home of someone who has purchased them. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of any such opportunity, or, give Walter Liederman a call at Underwood HiFi on Maui. You won’t regret it."

Read the entire review at:

Complete biamp systems available with 100 watts x 4 channels and a DSPeaker Anti-mode 2.0 preamp, DAC with room correction, DSP and preamp for under $4200.00 that will blow you away.

Special, $2299.00 a pair in beautiful black Tricoat with the $850.00 DSP2.4.  Read the review. The DSP extends the frequency response to almost 20Hz and flattens the overall frequency response considerably. It also allows biamping in the future by simply adding a small tweeter amp.

Absolute Sound gave it the Best Affordable Sound at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.
See issue 230, February 2013. One dealer felt our $6,000.00 system was as good as anything he heard under $50k at the show.

The CS2P is a 3 driver 2.5 way design with dual 15" woofers and our new Emerald Physics 1" compression tweeter. The lower woofer is loaded to roll off at 200Hz. The upper woofer runs to 1000Hz and is a woofer/midrange crossing over to our new Emerald Physics compression tweeter.

Our Controlled Dispersion design removes most of the room over 300-400Hz so these speakers sound great in virtually all rooms.
93Db sensitivity means that they can be run with amps from as low as 25 watts and up. The speakers have a built in upgrade path. Add our DSP2.4 crossover/EQ and extend the bass to 24Hz. Then replace the outboard passive crossover (that comes with the stock version) with a small second and amp fully biamp the CS2P’s. Sensitivity goes to 97Db, dynamics improve as does bass performance and overall system linearity.

CS2P work with inexpensive electronics and sound real good. Better electronics do make them sound better still.

Type: 2.5-Way, open-baffle, Passive, Dynamic Loudspeaker
Runs off one amplifier, No need to biamp
Dipole below 1000Hz, Monopole above 1000Hz
Controlled directivity design 80˚ radiation angle
Impedance: 4 Ohms Treble Driver: One 1 inch exit compression driver 12 inch diameter Treble wave-guide
Bass & Midrange: (2) 15 inch Drivers - pulp fiber cone
Sensitivity: 93 dB 2.83V1M 1kHz
Crossover: External Passive Network Treble: 1000Hz Linkwitz-Riley 2rd Order Bass: 1000Hz Linkwitz-Riley 4th Order Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz +/-3dB,
24Hz bass with optional DSP2.4 EQ/Crossover
Dimensions: Height: 50.5 in. Width: 22 in. Depth - Baffle: 3 in. Depth: 16 in. Baffle back to back of base
Net Weight: 63 lbs each/ 200pbs /pr shipping
Open Baffle, Dipole design 93dB Sensitivity
Amazing Dynamics
Removes Room Acoustics
High Power Handling
Dual 15” drivers in quasi 2.5 way design
Optional DSP crossover and EQ Bi-Amp capable
Custom Emerald Physics 1" Compression Tweeter
Ultra Low Distortion

Now on sale from $2299.00.00/ pair with the $850.00 DSP2.4 (Shown in the included Tri-coat black lacquer finish. Gray is also available)

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Design principals of Emerald Physics open baffle loudspeakers:

1) Eliminating the Room: Emerald Physics has developed a method to control a speakers dispersion pattern in order to minimize room interactions and thereby eliminate most of the rooms sonic signature. Our unique BDC (Broadband Directivity Control) technology is a turning point in the history of loudspeaker design. Until now, speaker/room interaction has been one of the major problems in home audio systems. Conventional speakers have wide dispersion and an omnidirectional pattern in the bass range, sending large amounts of sound energy toward the room boundaries, which are reflected back into the listening space with a time delay. These are known as early reflections, which color the sound of the original signal. The omnidirectional bass pattern also excites room resonances in all three axis which tends to cause the boomy, ill-defined bass commonly experienced in many systems. The solution is to create a speaker with a more narrow dispersion pattern as well as a more consistent dispersion angle across the frequency spectrum. Listening to mainly the loudspeakers direct field eliminates most of your rooms sound, creating a consistent and natural playback performance even in difficult rooms.

2) Eliminating the Box: Emerald Physics uses a boxless design approach called open-baffle dipole in order to achieve several important improvements over conventional loudspeakers: Eliminates box sound preserves the pitch and harmonic beauty of instruments. Eliminates deep bass limits Flat response to 40Hz with 3.75 inch thick baffle. Eliminates impedance swings Maintains same impedance curve as raw drivers. Eliminates large expense of box enclosure typically the most expensive component in the speaker.

3) Eliminating Dynamic Compression: In a perfect world, a speaker would be able to play as loud as required with totally accurate tracking of the musical information as it gets louder. Unfortunately, in the quest for low frequency performance, many speaker designs sacrifice dynamics and efficiency for low bass response. This lack of efficiency creates a sound field that does not always reproduce each bit of musical information correctly. It is one of the reasons that many speaker systems sound out of balance when they play loud or the speaker is required to reproduce a large musical peak. By using several techniques including very efficient professional speaker components, dual 15" woofers and compression tweeters efficiency is maximized. This not only makes the CS-2P speaker system 93Db efficient, it also allows the speakers to sound great with inexpensive amps and associated electronics. When biamped efficiency goes up to 98Db.

4) Eliminating the Need for Expensive Electronics & Cables: The CS2P is a very accurate reproducer of sound. Many speakers, due to their designs, require the need for very expensive electronics to achieve satisfactory performance. Conventional designs have problems with the impedance of the drivers. Emerald designs are easy loads and highly efficient. Upgrading to the digital crossover/EQ and biamping down the road is even better. Passive crossovers are power-robbing components. The CS2P maximizes power transfer. The high frequencies are not harsh or strident and therefore, the need for a softer sounding tube amplifier is not required for the tweeters. The need for expensive cables that filter out high frequency information is also not required. The need for 200 pound amplifiers with huge power transformers is not necessary since the CS2P is very efficient and does not require the large amounts of power that expensive amplifiers offer into low impedance’s. In fact, you may find that you will spend hundreds of dollars per channel rather than thousands of dollars per channel to drive the CS2P.

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