RevelUltima StudioRevel Ultima Studio Gloss Black/Rosewood - Class A Full RangePlease Note: While this is listed as local pickup and that would be preferred I am willing to ship. The original owner took great care of these and had all of the original parts and packaging. Unfo...4500.00

Revel Ultima Studio Gloss Black/Rosewood - Class A Full Range [Expired]

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Please Note: While this is listed as local pickup and that would be preferred I am willing to ship. The original owner took great care of these and had all of the original parts and packaging. Unfortunately I just don't have the space to keep all of the boxes for the large toys I purchase so they are no longer available (sorry!). If shipping is necessary I do have someone I work with locally that does a great job with packaging big, heavy items such as these and I won't charge any more than what it costs me. I can also just make the arrangements and the buyer can contact them directly for payment. 'Heavy' is the operative word here, though, with these weighing as much as the current Salon2 and freight being the only option for shipping so it likely won't be cheap. Open to reasonable offers. More open to them (at least for now) if the buyer can do local pickup. There's plenty of information about these online with them having received Stereophile Class A Full Range rating at the time and making their way into many reviewer's reference systems. So I'll just keep my personal description to the condition of the pair I currently have for sale and link to the Stereophile review (above). Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions though. Happy to get on the phone if you send a good time and number to call. About a year and half ago I was getting the itch to try something new for my mains and I've always liked the look of the original Studios and Salons. Having just purchased three of the big Ryhthm2 subs put the Revels high on my list and when this pair of Studios came up for sale not too far down the road decided to give them a try. Liked them so much I immediately started looking for a pair of the Salons which I tracked down and you can see in the background of some of the attached pictures here. I didn't feel like dealing with selling the Studios and kind of like the idea of having 160lb a side rear surrounds so that's how they've been used the bulk of the time I've had them. I'm now in the process of trying to drop the overall footprint of the system with the idea of rearranging things in my big room so these have to go. The original owner had taken great care of them. Mechanically 100% and cosmetically about the same until we caught a corner on the back side of one of the cosmetic panels getting them to my car (see pictures). Since it's on the back and I ended up taking the panels off I'd forgotten about it until I started putting them back together for the pictures. My original plan was to repaint all of the edges in a gloss black to match the body (did it with my Salons ... makes the panels look more 'connected' I think). Otherwise they look great. Took pictures as I reassembled to show how really nice the gloss black lacquer finish is on these. If you look very, very closely you can see some very fine swirling which is pretty much inevitable on this type finish but it's pretty amazing how minor it is given their age. Other than the one ding the Rosewood panels look great. Couple of very small marks you can see if you look closely enough but nothing visible from more than foot or two away. I didn't like the look of the shiny bolts that hold the panels on so use some automotive vinyl wrap to black them out but it uses no adhesive and can be easily removed if you prefer the stock look. Includes everything but the boxes/packaging and the magnetic grills for the top section which were optional and the original owner never had them. The picture with the manuals, spikes etc is a couple of spikes short but I do have them all and they are included. PLEASE feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. For local pickup I'd be happy to hook them up in my system for a full demo. Cash payment is preferred for local pickup but I will accept advanced Paypal payment as long as you sign something confirming once you've taken possession. Paypal offers next to no protection for the seller where local pickup is involved.
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