Ryan630Ryan 630 floorstanding loudspeakerDEALER DEMO ~ 7 mo. old, lightly used! *WALNUT VENEER*We have a wonderful pair of Ryan 630 floor-standing loudspeakers for sale, As-is, in fantastic condition to a good home. Our shop in Winston-Sa...3600.00

Ryan 630 floorstanding loudspeaker [Expired]

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DEALER DEMO ~ 7 mo. old, lightly used! *WALNUT VENEER*

We have a wonderful pair of Ryan 630 floor-standing loudspeakers for sale, As-is, in fantastic condition to a good home. 

Our shop in Winston-Salem, NC is closing so that the partners can pursue other opportunities (like kids and moving to the Bay Area - equally insane pursuits!) and among the many things in our shop that need to be adopted, we have Ryan's fabulous speakers, including the 610 monitors and these 630's.

The Ryan approach has created one of the most listenable sound profiles we've ever heard - never falling short on any front and balancing everything with a hint of the musical, if anything.

These 630's enjoy all sorts of amplifiers and we've run them in a well-controlled environment, and fed them a wide-array of music so they're certainly broken-in but only just, at six months old, in a shop bursting with options.

For more info, check out the manufacturers website:


OR you can feel free to reach out and inquire as to equipment matching and our overall 'review' of the line.

If you're a music lover of wide tastes, and want a speaker that you keep forgetting to evaluate because the music just feels 'right', then you'll be parroting the response of every single client whose spent time with them, as well as we three kings of the shop. They're just fantastically balanced and easy to live with and love.


We work with a phenomenal shipper - and can usually get much better rates than the traditional UPS/FEDEX guys - with zero of they're 'extra' attention to the boxes in question, so if you're interested we can get a quote fairly rapidly.


The 630's arrived with a repaired bit of veneer, roughly 2" long, on the outside right-hand bottom of the right speaker, where the plinth meats the cabinet. The veneer was repaired and we accepted them as-is happily, as it's a small detail. Otherwise, they're remarkably fit - and come with all the lovely stuff they arrived with, well dusted and decent in the extreme.


At full retail, these speakers are potent, musical and extremely open, with just enough edge to separate each component in dense passage, in a way that feels natural. They're design recalls a vintage that *should* have existed broadly - and never did, as cabinets took on more modern dimensions but, for the most part, lost the lovingly-crafted material combinations of the great maxi-monitors of the 70's and 80's. Here, you get purpose-designed parts in a gorgeous walnut case, tuned to make music sound like a hell of a lot of fun - while appeasing the twitchy part of our audiophile brains.

It's a rare thing to see a pair of speakers that are easy to set up, easy to enjoy and upon closer inspection just get all of the details right - and this is that. There are a *ton* of amazing reviews on these units so if you want more point-belaboring, crack your knuckles and get the google-fu out of it's collector's case! 

All that said, at this price, and with our happy blessing - they'll make someone very happy.
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