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Dynaudio Finale Ultra rare [Expired]

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In a review in Audioasylum.com, the Dynaudio Finales were referred to as ‘unobtanium.’ 
While Dynaudio designed and named the Finales as a high-end enclosure, they were never manufactured and sold directly as a product. Dynaudio sourced the drivers, wiring, crossover, enclosure plans, and even the soft interior baffling through Madisound in Wisconsin. Madisound stated recently that they sold ‘around 100’ Finale component sets in the USA/Canada. 100 in all of North America.   
In 1999 I had an expert local cabinetmaker construct the enclosures from Dynaudio’s detailed plans and finish them in piano black lacquer. My father and I installed the Madisound-sourced components. We did some work on the crossover to soften the brittle signal through the upper midrange driver D-52 AF.   
They appear to be five-way, or to have dual woofers, but it is actually a four-way system.  The tweeter is the Esotec D-260, an earlier version of the famed ESOTAR T-330 D. High midrange is the D-52 AF.  Low midrange is the 15 W-75. Active woofer is the 10” 30W100 XL. Passive woofer is the 10” 30W100 SL.    
After years in extremely dry southern Arizona, the surrounds for the four 30W100s were cracked. Meniscus Audio re-surrounded all four drivers this past winter, 2016-17. 
Regarding frequency response, Dynaudio never published any measurements. I’m guessing 24-28Hz at the bottom, extrapolating from Dynaudio's own published FR charts for Focus 400, Contour 60, and Consequence Ultimate, all of which readily get into the 20's. The Finales have similar cubage and drivers to the Contour 60.   
How do they sound? 
These 5’, 200lb. towers are 4ohm, meaning they like solid amplification. Combining typical Dynaudio precision with big cubic inches, these enclosures have enormous dynamic range, and an open and natural soundstage with any kind of music. My favorite music to demo these with is anything from Steely Dan, with their fabulous engineering. I normally listen at moderate levels, but this setup can go to extreme volume with no distortion whatsoever. Never abused, used as mains (alternate to nearfields) in a non-smoking personal recording studio.  
Simply amazing reproduction.
12’W 16”D 60.5”H   
The Finales may be seen and heard in my home in Asheville, NC. I really don’t have the room to let them breathe. Steel mesh grills go with them, probably unneeded in an adult listening environment. The Finales were only moved twice - in padded crates - and the finish is in 8/10 condition. If shipping is required I still have those crates. These could go to a collector anywhere in the world. Because of size, would prefer Western North Carolina purchaser. Shipping costs and insurance to be borne by the customer, and they will be insured for the full purchase price.   
The Finales are so rare, there's no selling history on the Internet anywhere. In terms of performance in the Dynaudio world, they're somewhere below the Consequence Ultimate tower, list $49,600/pr and quite a bit above the Contour 60 and Focus 400, $10K and $11K/pr respectively.    
Karl Moeller [email protected] 520 288 2185 Asheville NC 28806
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