Magna RisersMagnepan .7 MMGi Mk 5 Multi Riser Stands w/ReplacenewMagna Risers Magnepan .7 MMGi Mk 5 Multi Riser Stands w/Replace Multi Riser Mk 5Magnepan .7- MMGi - Mg 12 Magna Riser Multi Riser Mk 5 stands with replacement jumper wires are available for immediate purchase- (please scroll down to see a few unsolicited owner comments). Th...169.50

Magna Risers Magnepan .7 MMGi Mk 5 Multi Riser Stands w/Replace Multi Riser Mk 5 [Expired]

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Magnepan .7-  MMGi - Mg 12 Magna Riser Multi Riser 
Mk 5 stands with replacement jumper wires are available for immediate purchase- (please scroll down to see a few unsolicited owner comments).

The MK 5 Multi Riser is the result of almost four years of continuing design innovation and refinement. While the geometry retains the same attractive look with our high gloss grand piano type finish; the choice of new metal types and gauges, stress relieving, thermal bonding and resonance tuning techniques allow for gains in performance that truly takes your speakers to new levels which creates sonic bridges that bring you closer to the music you love.

We create Magna Risers because we love the sound of the speaker but realize that the factory builds the design to a price point.

We offer the 
Multi Riser for those who good is not enough

and who want 
their Magnepans to more fully realize their potential.

Magna Risers are limited edition designs produced by Magnepan owners with a love for Magnepans; for other Magnepan owners. We are singular in focus- we only build 
stands for Magnepans
 and will only offer designs we ourselves would be glad to live with in our own homes.

The Multi Riser Mk 5 benefits from years of development of the Magna Riser line where dozens of prototypes were tested until the design met our demanding standards. We are passionate about great sound and even more about our love of music. If a design does not help connect us more with the musicians and move us more into the music we will not make it available regardless how attractive the look. Each pair is individually resonance tuned in listening sessions specifically for your speaker model before shipping.

 Our designs are based on a realization that:

1.   The MMG, MG 12 and .7 all benefit from an improved and proper vertical orientation- please specify when ordering which speaker you own so your stands can be sized and resonance tuned for your model.

2.   Each model of these Magnepans realize additional gains and flexibility when multiple elevations are available- with the Multi Riser multiple elevations are possible. Depending on whether you use a subwoofer or not the ability to dial in the bass performance of your speaker in your specific room helps you maximize your speaker’s performance and with a subwoofer they allow your Magnepan and subwoofer to more seamlessly integrate.

3.  The Multi Riser allows for greater stability making your speakers far less 
susceptible to being knocked over and sustaining catastrophic damaged.

4.  The added stability also allows for another by product that results from the 
improved geometry and very intentional choice of metals and metal gauges. 
The design allows for a more effective mass loading and resonance tuning 
which provide sonic benefits.

5.  Listening sessions confirmed our impression that the solid jumper bars supplied from the factory do not allow your speaker to realize as much of their potential as possible. We include a pair of our proprietary cryogenically treated jumper replacement wires with each set of Magna Risers. These wires are burned in and oriented for optimal directionality. Even though a short length we can hear the difference properly directionally orienting the jumper makes and there are sonic gains.

Magna Risers are the result of intentional design choices and extensive R&D. We listened to many combinations of types of metals, metal gauges, and combinations of 
metals until we found a blend that allowed the speaker to more fully realize their intrinsic capabilities while not favoring any one frequency band. This combination of critically selected elements allow the Mk 5 Multi Riser to cross new performance thresholds. 

Each set is sent out to a commercial metal finisher and undergoes multiple in house prep stages and five additional prep stages at our coater before finishing. The powder 
coating process is a little costly but the end results are worth the extra effort offering a durable and very attractive finish. Our metals finisher creates grand piano like high gloss black finishes that enhance the look of your speakers. Optional color finishes are available upon special order at additional charges.

We dedicatedly make high performance stands that really improve the sound of your Magnepans but in the end we feel the buyer is the best judge of how an audio product impacts the sound they hear and that is why we offer a money back guarantee.

Sonic gains have been heard by almost every owner and no pair of this design has ever been returned even though every set is sold with a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return the stands in the original shipping box for a full refund if you notify us of your intent to return them within 7 days of taking delivery and agree to pay for the return shipping costs. With hundreds in peoples homes no one has returned a set of Multi Risers.

Your purchase includes installation instructions, a speaker placement tutorial and subwoofer integration guide, all needed mounting hardware and one pair of cryogenically treated replacement jumper wires.

Shipping is normally within 24 hrs. of notification from PayPal of receipt of payment. Shipping is in a sturdy box and all parts are securely wrapped to protect your purchase. Shipment is via the US Postal Service or Fed Ex. A signature is required upon delivery to safeguard your purchase to prevent the loss of your stands from theft when packages are left outside your front door. Shipment to the lower US 48 and is flat rate of $21.95. International shipments are possible to most destinations. Please request a quote before purchasing.

Magna Risers are limited production semi-custom designs. They are offered as much as 
anything as a way of sharing the sonic discoveries we have made. The performance gains owners hear seem fairly uniform-improvements in inner detailing, image focus, transparency, sound staging and overall realism. Bass and high frequencies are often noted as areas of improvement with more authoritative, extended and detailed bass and refined highs being noted. The speakers also seem to play with a sense of added dynamic swagger that is at times commanding.

The MK 5 version allows for greater insight into the performance. Some owners have shared stories of being more able to forget that they are listening to their system and enjoying a sense of being lost in the music and while we cannot promise that your speakers will be the equal of speakers costing tens of thousands of dollars or more; we do think you may find yourself listening longer, gaining new glimpses of not only what a musician is playing but also how they are playing a musical phrase or bending or sustaining a note. Some owners have reported loosing track of time and listening late into the night. The MK 5 allows your Magnepan to reveal more of its inherent abilities with performance that is engaging and distinctly worthwhile considering your modest investment.

(Most Recent Feedback)

“Fantastic upgrade…Magnepan .7 with Magna Risers…everything is better…soundstage (lifelike size and organized), detail, bass more precise and the mids and highs very present and “musical”…tonality and transparency as good as it gets…and the most important thing…without losing even a little of the “Maggie Magic”…thanks Robert for a great product and service second to one…greetings from Peru, South America”

“Magna Risers are darned nice upgrades for the Maggie .7. I installed the jumper wires and stands today. Initially just the new jumpers. Did not think we would notice a difference, but the sound did improve a bit. Installed the stands. Better yet.

My impression is that the overall presentation is less fatiguing at higher volumes and remarkably transparent at lower volume levels. Really marked improvement in the musicality of my system thanks to Magna Risers. Thanks so much for your excellent work.”

"The stands have transformed my system like a serious upgrade in source components might for a fraction of the cost"  (MMG owner)

"The Magna Risers are working quite well. I am getting a nice wide soundstage, yet good placement of instruments...the Risers have given a much clearer sound. Wonderful experience and excellent responses." MG 12 Multi Riser owner

"The Magna Risers made great improvements in the Maggie .7. Greater air around vocals, deeper soundstage, improved clarity in the highs." (Multi Riser Mk 5 owner)

“I have had about an hour to do some semi critical listening in my usual seat 9' away, and the detail is amazing. Diana Krall's live version of "Case of you" is unreal. Followed by Alan Parsons "I wouldn't want to be like you" loads of bass detail and huge sound stage.”  ( Magnepan .7 owner)

 “The sound difference is pretty obvious right from the start…more detail…the soundstage presented much more organized and-surprisingly-bigger. Fantastic Upgrade. Great Product and service…and the treble is more extended. I am amazed…honestly. They must be one of the best deals in audio per dollar.” “I noticed gains on my sound but without any penalty to the “”Magnepan Magic””.

You can purchase with confidence- we have outstanding after sale customer support and great feedback on Audiogon/ eBay and US Audiomart. Best of all- our customers 
hear the same performance gains we hear in our R&D process. A list of owner feedback/comments is available upon request. 

Thank you for considering Magna Risers. (Please note that it is only one set of Magna Riser stands that are being offered for sale- the speakers are not included.) Sales are limited to the continental US.

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