GT Audio Works Reference 3usedGT Audio Works  Reference 3These speakers from GT Audio works are the Reference 3 and have the latest and final versions for the planar drivers, pure ribbon tweeters and open baffle dipole woofers. We are selling these spe...25500.00

GT Audio Works Reference 3

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These speakers from GT Audio works are the Reference 3 and  have the latest and final versions for the planar drivers, pure ribbon tweeters and open baffle dipole woofers. We are selling these speakers as our demo pair and you are More Than Welcome to contact us to audition them. They currently MSRP at Sound Insight (authorized dealer for GT Audio Works) for $65,000 and come with the 1,000 watt per channel Audio Control amplifiers to power the woofers.The amplifiers have paremetric eq  and other adjustments to seamlessly dial in the woofers to the room and integrate with the planar panels. These speakers will be professionally packed by Sound Insight and GT audioworks in a self contained relo cube by ABF freight and delivered to your residence at no additional charge.

Herb Reichert, Stereophile- "They can go one on one with the best loudspeakers at any price..."

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound- "...generated a big three dimensional soundfield..."

Mike  Bovaird, Suncoast  Audio - "...has taken planar magnetic technology to a whole new level. Wonderfully musical and transparent. A true shoe stopper.

Peter Breuninger, AV Showrooms- "...This system fully pressurized the room with Starship Enterprise holdeck reality, Amazing..."

Part Time Audiophile- "...Ultra - wide scale of bass and soundstage. No boominess of the bass to be found anywhere. Dynamics and power by the boatload..."

Todd Anderson, AV Nirvana- " ears have fallen in love wit GT Audio Works creations and this years showinf at CAF was simply spectaculat..."

Greg Weaver , Enjoy the Music- "There is just no getting around it, this was a killer system... and I was surprised at just how exceptionally well it integrated into this sized room. I had been very taken with their presentation at last year's Capital Audiofest when they were set up in the much larger (3570 ft2) Roosevelt Room. And interestingly enough, they were using the same DAC, the LampizatOr Horizon, as the VSA room had shown with VAC gear.

Each of the main panels holds a six-foot tall by 10-inch-wide proprietary crossoverless full-range planar magnetic line source driver that is driven from 50Hz to 5kHz. Then a six-foot tall by one-half inch wide pure ribbon tweeter is housed just inside the full range panel and is crossed over at 6dB/octave using VH Audio V-Caps (capacitors). The panels alone are rated at 40Hz to 30kHz.
In this installation, using two of their open baffle twelve-inch woofers in the pair of optional subwoofers, the system is said to be able to get down to as low as 15Hz. The subs received their signal from the second output of the Pass Labs line stage, which is in turn directed to the included Audio Control 1000-watt class D amps. These Audio Control amps can be connected to the internet and using their IP connection, you can access them to use parametric equalization to manage room nodes and integrate the system into any room.
This system presented with a blistering attack yet had the grace to maintain a remarkably relaxed and natural feeling
Listening for the background finger snaps from a Peggy Lee cut, I was treated to refined, well-individualized sounds, each one sounding slightly different and unique, while readily conveying that sensation of fleshy impact of finger striking meaty palm.
Dynamic scaling here was reminiscent of that achievable from the best horn designs. Listening to well-recorded drum tracks revealed superb attack with excellent pitch definition, clearly revealing drumhead skin tone. This dynamic prowess also allowed for starkly well-defined instrumental trail and decay detail.
Overall tonality was nicely refined, with the "blat" on horns authentically presented, as well as microdynamic shadings of subtle piano noodlings. I was especially impressed with how it exposed Elton John's voice on "Talking Old Soldiers" from his 1970 loose concept album about the American West, Tumbleweed Connection. It was so natural, so "there," so transparent that I just had to include this room in the top five."

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