TransrotorFat Bob S (TMD)usedTransrotor Fat Bob S (TMD) One Owner, Two ArmboardsFor sale: Transrotor Fat Bob S turntable in great condition. No tonearm. Revolutionary TMD (Transrotor Magnetic Drive) bearing. See the review at

Transrotor Fat Bob S (TMD) One Owner, Two Armboards [Expired]

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For sale: Transrotor Fat Bob S turntable in great condition. No tonearm. Revolutionary TMD (Transrotor Magnetic Drive) bearing. See the review at for a nice explanation and diagram. One owner unit. (My personal 'table purchased by me in 2007.) 'Table has seen very little use in the past four years. Separate motor and power supply/speed controller.

Comes with two armboards. One is for SME mount tonearms (the one on the 'table in the photo); the other is for Rega/Origin Live-style tonearms with threaded mounting posts. The "Origin Live" board comes with a sleeve into which the 'arm mounts which allows for VTA adjustment using a set screw. I used an Origin Live Encounter MkIII this way to very good effect. Later I upgraded to a Graham Phantom Supreme with an SME mount. I ordered the second board for this 'arm from Transrotor (at a cost of $800).

Note that the two armboards cannot be used simultaneously. The Fat Bob S will accommodate two 'arms at once, but not with these armboards. Also note that the SME board is cut in such a way that depending on the base of the 'arm mounted in it, small spaces may be visible on the sides. (Don't ask me why Transrotor did this.) Doesn't affect performance and easily fixable with a thin piece of material (several options) cut for SME. It didn't bother me, so I didn't mess with fixing it for the Graham.

Asking price is $3900. Buyer pays PayPal fees. I'll cover shipping at the asking price. (Shipping weight is approximately 70 pounds.) Current retail new is $7500. With the second armboard that rises to $8300. Coming from my personal system, this will be a person-to-person transaction. So no sales tax even in LA.

Ships in original box and packaging. No manual, but very straightforward to set up and operate. I'm happy to field questions about this post-sale. I believe I also have a spare belt and some bearing oil.

See my feedback here on Audiogon and on eBay under 'phiso'.

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Thanks for looking.

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