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Silverline Audio Minuet Grand Powerful Rosewood Monitors-New-FREE Freight [Expired]

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For over a decade Silverline Minuet speakers have set very high level of performance for compact sized monitors regardless of price. The new Minuet Grand takes them to the next level outperforming speakers from Harbeth, Dynaudio, Focal, Sonus Faber and other excellent small monitors.

In the first review in Positive Feedback they sum with:

"The Silverline Minuet Grands are an outstanding achievement in loudspeaker design."

"Considered as they are, these speakers are a screaming bargain and you should not pass up a chance to hear them. They can be used in big rooms and small, seem easy to drive, and will bring out the best in your recordings."

Read the entire review at:

This newest model makes a big step up over the Minuet Supreme Plus. The result is the Minuet Grand. This new speaker is equipped with their latest drivers and an enhanced crossover network. The new mid-woofer has a very long excursion as well as high power handling capability. It comes with a 5.25-inch treated paper cone housed in a rigid die cast aluminum basket, delivering incredible dynamics and high definition. The over-sized magnet motor and the very large voice coil allow it to handle high current effortlessly and precisely. The new ultralight weight titanium diaphragm tweeter provides superb transparency and is more airy. The imaging is awesome thanks to the special magnetic fluid and over-sized heat sink for effective heat dispersion. The tweeter enhances it sensitivity and amazing power handling.

We were super impressed at the show at introduction. This is a superb under $2500.00 small monitor. It plays loud, goes very low and images exceptionally well. Sonics are exceptional for a speaker at anywhere near its cost.


Design: 2-Way, Bass reflex, rear ported

Drivers: 1” Titanium Tweeter & 5.25” Mid/Woofer

Frequency response: 40 – 25,000 Hz

Sensitivity: 89 dB (1w/1meter +/- 3 dB)

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

Crossover Frequency: 3,000 Hz

Recommended Power: 7 - 300 watts

Dimension (H x W x D): 11.875” x 7.875” x 14.125”

Shipping Weight (pair): 44 pounds (20 kg.)

Speaker Connect: 5 ways binding posts, bi-wireable

Finishes: Rosewood veneer

Price: US $1,999.-/pair

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Read our #1 rated 13,000 points of AudiogoN feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions or to order these fine mini monitors.

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