Monitor AudioSilver 500usedMonitor Audio Silver 500 Spkers: B-Stock/Refurb; 5 Yr. Warranty; Free ShippingMONITOR AUDIO Silver 500 Loudspeakers (Rosenut): **B-Stock/Refurbished; 5 Yr. Warranty; 40% Off; Free ShippingMSRP: $2500.00 USD per pair.pcX Price: $1499.95 USD per pair 40% Off + FREE SHIPPING...1499.95

Monitor Audio Silver 500 Spkers: B-Stock/Refurb; 5 Yr. Warranty; Free Shipping [Expired]

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MONITOR AUDIO Silver 500 Loudspeakers (Rosenut): **B-Stock/Refurbished; 5 Yr. Warranty; 40% Off; Free Shipping

MSRP: $2500.00 USD per pair.

pcX Price: $1499.95 USD per pair    40% Off + FREE SHIPPING!

**NOTE ABOUT CONDITION: 1 speaker is brand new (perfect condition); the other is brand new, but had a dent on the top side edge (happened during unpacking)…which we have now had professionally repaired.

With this masterpiece, we guarantee you won’t need an extra sub to deliver the most demanding music tracks to the full. While assured of incredible scale and breath-taking dynamics from Monitor Audio’s bespoke bass drivers, you are guaranteed clean mid-range, without a hint of distortion, and a delicate, detailed treble thanks to perfect drive unit matching. All bass and mid-range drivers feature the Silver Series’ signature RST Cone profile. High overall sensitivity and easy loading make the new Silver 500 easy to drive and capable of delivering amazing results in your audio system. In fact, a modestly powered high-quality amplifier is all you need to fill a large room with volume levels that approach live music. And, with just 12 inches (30 cm) needed between the speaker and wall, to allow the system to breathe and perform optimally, the Silver 500 is perfect where space is tight. Technology: Three-way, four driver configuration (both electrically and acoustically) allows drive units to be optimised to deliver high efficiency and lowest distortion Bespoke 25 mm C-CAM, (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) tweeter featuring vented Neo magnet system optimised for lower distortion and cleaner-sounding highs Specially-developed 4-inch mid-range driver with ‘under hung’ voice coil and motor system so the voice coil is always in the magnetic gap ensuring incredibly low distortion Dual 8-inch bass drivers with ‘dished’ C-CAM cone profile for better damping and improved mid-range clarity RST Cone profile for improved diaphragm rigidity and lower distortion

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