Synergistic ResearchGrounding BlocknewSynergistic Research Grounding Block - boost your audio system to high performanceSynergistic Research's Grounding Block was developed with many applications in mind and is one of Synergistic Research best selling product to feature the UEF Technology.CLICK HERE to place your or...595.00

Synergistic Research Grounding Block - boost your audio system to high performance [Expired]

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Synergistic Research's Grounding Block was developed with many applications in mind and is one of Synergistic Research best selling product to feature the UEF Technology.

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It’s not a secret that a solid "Star" ground dramatically reduces the noise floor of any system. The development of the Grounding Block was a natural step to further improve upon Synergistic's already excellent Ground Plane technology, first developed for the Tranquility Base products. 

Howard Kneller, wrote (March 2016):

"...when I connected Synergistic’s Grounding Block to my Esoteric K-01X SACD/CD player, the results were astonishing. Noise and digital grunge were reduced, imaging and microdynamics improved, and soundstage size and perceived gain increased… the result of decreased dynamic compression and a much lower noise floor. That plugging a $595 device into a $20,000 component could have that kind of effect was mind-blowing..."

"...the cumulative effect of completely grounding my system was unforeseen. Details, imaging, soundstage size, dynamics, noise reduction, perceived gain, and transient impact all dramatically improved..." CLICK HERE for more information

Mike Girardi, The StereoTimes wrote (Dec. 2015):

"...the addition of the SR Grounding Block and HD Grounding cables exceed my expectations and was similar to the level of improvement the SR Powercell 10 SE MKII I reviewed back in 2013 brought to my system. The more I listened to my system with the HD cables and Grounding Block, the more I was convinced that the addition of these products are on the critical path in assembling a truly high performance audio system..." CLICK HERE for more information

Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, PFO, November 2015:
"...this component provides a common grounding point for a system, via grounding cables that connect to the central block via pins. The effect on our system was immediately obvious:  A thin layer of hash that had been below my notice (Ain't it always the way?) was removed, clarifying a system that I already thought was exceptional. And this is the constant challenge of fine learn about the presence of "layers" in playback by subtraction. As Joni Mitchell sang in her song, "Big Yellow Taxi," "You don't know what you got ‘til it's gone." Well, yeah. And that's how it is with noise floors and transparency in audio. Certainly the Grounding Block knocked down some haze, no doubt about it..."
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"...the SR grounding block is impressive. Would never have thought I'd get that much more out of my system..."

"...I wanted to let you know that I was able to get the grounding block and cables set up and am very impressed. Previously I thought my noise floor was absent. There now exists an improved focus, depth and overall holography. Instruments, well defined within the room, immerses the listener into the music. The improvement is not subtle..."

"...I listened last night with the Grounding Block and, wouldn't you know it, all the aspects of the advantages of grounding have come to fruition. Ease. Definition. Three dimensional. Reduced noise/glare - which I really noticed on some high note frequencies on particularly difficult CDs. Great."

"'s safe to say that the grounding block provides the best value for money in performance. It surpassed my expectations. The amount of detail I can hear now just wasn't there before. I did plenty of listening sessions with it plugged in & out. With it plugged out everything just becomes dull but when it's in the magic comes back :)"

Steven Plaskin,, May 2015:
 "...transient quickness and impact of the bass was greatly improved with the Grounding Block"
"...louder musical passages were definitely clearer with better resolution of transient detail using the Grounding Block..."
"...the Grounding Block not only increased the soundstage, but enhanced the clarity of Krall’s voice. The enhancement in focus and definition of her voice was significant..."

"...for those that have the financial resources to add the High Definition Ground Cables to the Grounding Block, the money will be well spent given the level of improvement provided by the combination of these innovative products..."

"...when I decided to write about the Synergistic Research Ground Block and High Definition Ground Cables, I thought that this would be a short review of products that delivered subtle improvement to the sound of my system. I was not prepared for the major sonic enhancement that these products delivered. The extent of the positive enhancements goes far beyond merely those of a system tweak!"

The Grounding Block will improve the overall performance of your system, simply by connecting the ground wires from the following products to the Synergistic Research UEF Grounding Block:

- Synergistic Research Atmosphere – Acoustic Field Generator
- Synergistic Research FEQ – Frequency Equalizer
- Synergistic Research Tranquility Base Products
- Synergistic Research Atmosphere UEF Cables
- Any Turntable Ground
- Any Chassis Mount Ground


Optional ground wires ($15-$25) are available with the following terminations:

- Micro Banana to Regular Banana Plug 
- Micro Banana to Regular Spade Lug
- Micro Banana to Bare Wire

Also available are High Definition Grounding Cables ($395-$495 ea.) with:

RCA, XLR, Banana, Spade, USB, Ethernet, Schuko & US-Plug, Mini-Male.

As a business we have to collect 8% TAX from buyers in California.

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