Scansonic MK-5newScansonic  MK-5 Ribbon Monitors with Kevlar woofers-NewAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS OR INTEREST thru PayPal. FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48 The Scansonic MK-5 was to be the monitor in a series below the MB series and then M...479.00

Scansonic MK-5 Ribbon Monitors with Kevlar woofers-New

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       Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS OR INTEREST thru PayPal.

         FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48

The Scansonic MK-5 was to be the monitor in a series below the MB series and then Michael Borrensen left Scansonic and they never added the two floorstanding models to fill out the line. I bought a quantity of the monitors as they are a great value at only $479.00 a pair, delivered.

MK-5 is a compact two-way mini-monitor, featuring the same ultra-light
sealed ribbon planar magnetic tweeter found in the brand’s
Raidho-inspired M-series. The tweeter’s membrane is formed by a
kapton-aluminum sandwich just 20μm thick which has an extremely low mass
- approximately 50 times less than any conventional textile, ceramic,
beryllium or diamond dome. This lower mass translates directly into
higher resolution and less material coloration.

The tweeter is partnered with a new 4.5-inch Kevlar coned mid/bass
driver (hence the ‘K’ in ‘MK-5’) with underhung magnet system. Kevlar is
a lightweight, durable and extraordinarily strong material that was
first used commercially in the early 1970s as a replacement for steel in
racing tires. Today it is probably best known for its use in ballistic
and stab-resistant body armour. In a loudspeaker driver cone, Kevlar’s
low mass and very high tensile strength combine to deliver a smooth,
accurate and detailed sound.

Styling-wise the MK-5 bears a strong resemblance to Scansonic’s
Raidho-inspired and sleek-looking MB-series, and is available in a
black-piano finish
. List $890.00/pr
Sale $479.00/Pr Delivered

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