Aural Harmony99.999% Ag Tonearm WirenewAural Harmonyabout our wireWe are one of only a handful of audio companies who manufacture their own raw wire. From the selection of precious metal casting shot, to drawing of the wire, to polishing and gold pl...115.00

Aural Harmony

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about our wire

We are one of only a handful of audio companies who manufacture their own raw wire. From the selection of precious metal casting shot, to drawing of the wire, to polishing and gold plating all fabrication stays in our family’s hands. Because of this we keep the cost of manufacturing down and can experiment with new wire styles without the huge cost of large minimum orders. If you find a need for a special wire gauge we do not offer feel free to call for a quote, you may be pleasantly surprised at the price.

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about this design

You are looking at our 24" 99.999% (5n)Pure Silver and Teflon Ultra-flexible tonearm wire set ( each set consists of 4 wires, attached to each wire is our custom cast pure copper and 24kt. gold plate cartridge clips which can be easily attached to the phono cartridge pins. (Each wire can be easily trimmed to match the length that is needed by your tonearm) Also included with the tonearm wire set is a High-Purity 4% silver solder supplied to us by the wire manufacturer, this allows an almost seamless transition between the wire and its connecting points. Some delicate soldering skill is required when using this wire.

The 32.7ga. (0.186 mm) 99.999% (5n) wire used in the construction of this tonearm wire set is made for us by a company that specializes in high-end audio and RF specific silver wire technology.(Aerospace microwave and Medical imaging) What makes this wire so special in my view is not only the purity of the silver, but the special way it is manufactured. The wire starts out by being drawn thru a 31ga.die, after being drawn, the wire is polished not once like our other wires but three times to reduce its size down to 32.7ga. The idea behind this is to remove as many possible aberrations in the wire as possible, if more "pits " or "valleys" are found than acceptable by the manufacturer the wire is scraped and re smelted. After the wire passes inspection it is coated with an anti-tarnish liquid and placed into ultra-flexible Teflon tubing. Each tonearm wire set has a serial number on it which is given to us by the manufacturer, this number shows the date of manufacture and spool run number of the wire.

Specifically designed for microvolt level signals, this wire has no peers...absolutely beautiful transparency, resolution, and transient response. The music reproduced through our wire has a very "right" pace and rhythm to it. TOTALLY neutral, this wire will reveal all things in your system. Soundstage width, depth, AND height so palpable that with your eyes closed you will swear you are at the performance. After break-in (about 150 hours of play time under these small voltage conditions) you will hear a transparency and smoothness from top to bottom with absolutely no brightness or hard edge...and the midrange, it is total liquid beauty. There is no magic here just the result of high purity silver and a long crystal structure. I am not bragging or over stating the musical quality of this wire, all you need to do is check our feedback to grasp the total picture.

connection of wire

Besides being an electrical conductor all wires have something else in common, the quality of the wire is only as good as the quality of the connection. In audio applications this is of utmost importance. Soldering with a good quality solder is my preferred method, but to achieve a great connection the wire needs to be placed directly on the piece it is being soldered to with no space gaps. Even the best solder is only meant to adhere two items together for strength and long term reliability, solder was never meant to be a pure conductor. In May 2016 I purchased a laser spot welder to connect my wires to their respective items before finalizing the connection with solder, before that I used a miniature spot arc welder for the purpose. The arc welder worked well except before soldering I would need to clean all the connections due to metal splatter. The laser welder uses a Nd-YAG crystal and operates at a wavelength of 1064nm. Power output is 60 watts (adjustable) and the beam size is also adjustable from 0.2 mm to 1.0 mm by changing lenses. To assist in centering the weld spot a purple 440nm targeting laser with an adjustable beam spot of approx. 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm in diameter is used. The welding laser is focused at the center of the targeting laser. The picture shown is our phono cartridge connector (to show size) the purple spot is the targeting laser, in real life the spot is not as large, the ipad I used to take the picture shows more light than is seen by the naked eye. Off to the left in the circle are two laser spots, the first one was full power and actually punched a hole thru the paper the next spot was minimum power and hardly made a burn spot on the paper. The laser in actual use only produces a very quiet " tick, tick, tick " when it is spot welding. The connections are solid enough to solder to with minimum effort...I love the outcome.

certificate of authenticity

"A pair of Aural Harmony Cryo Gold Alloy Sonnet-R interconnect for sale at USD 125.00 NEW!" That's the email I received from a past customer. That's below my cost to build this cable. Then I looked more closely. The RCA ends were of a nondescript make, the label I use did not have the same type script for the "Aural Harmony" logo and my handwriting on the label for the model was not my handwriting. My friend emailed the seller and asked for a closer picture and also asked to have the seller remove the RCA cover to see the solder work. The seller responded that his camera was not working but assured my friend that it was real. I was at once irritated and flattered. It was a counterfeit. This is not the first time this has happened to me it is actually the fifth. I am very surprised someone would target my products, I am a very small footprint in the audio world compared to companies like AudioQuest, Kimber Kable, and Cardas to name only a few. In a recent search I found Kimber Kable pk10 Palladian power cable on and Cardas SRCA RCA connectors on These are for sure fake. I've had conversations with Ray Kimber in the past and he is a major force in the fight against counterfeit products. Likewise, Cardas takes a very hard stance on fake products. So, I am now offering a Certificate of Authenticity at no charge for every wire product I sell. If you have a product purchased from us starting May 2015 I will send you a Certificate of Authenticity free of charge, email me and give me date of purchase and I will verify. For older products please contact me for further details. If you plan to buy a used Aural Harmony product contact me and I will attempt to verify the authenticity of the product by contacting the original buyer.

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