WaveformMach SolousedWaveform Mach SoloSTEAL, STEAL, STEAL. You cannot get anywhere near this sound for anywhere near this money.Mach Waveform SOLO speakers Final price drop! - new larger speakers have arrived, i need to make some roo...2700.00

Waveform Mach Solo

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STEAL, STEAL, STEAL. You cannot get anywhere near this sound for anywhere near this money.

Waveform SOLO speakers Final price drop! - new larger speakers have
arrived, i need to make some room!! Reluctantly letting go of these, the
best dynamic speakers i have heard over 40 years in this hobby.They
cast a large and convincing sound-stage with incredibly clarity. The
word everyone uses who has heard them in my house is 'clear'. The
curtain between you and the music is raised, you can hear the slight
lisp in the singer's voice on 'Some Other Time' from Alan Parson's I
Robot, or the crickets on Ride Across the River on Dire Straits
Brothers in Arms, or Mick Jaggers characteristic phrasing of 'don'tcha'
in the background vocals of Carly Simon's You're So Vain, and the bongo
drums on the Doors, Riders on the Storm. (badly played too).

bought this pair directly from John Otvos who personally made them for
himself in 2007 so they are the last pair of Waveforms in existence. I
should have had him autograph them when he set them up! He upgraded the
midrange to the Audax paper cone drivers which are more linear than the
stock Audax TPX drivers. The tweeters are Vifa D27's with the Vifa 10"
woofer. Acoustic designer for the speakers was Dr. Claude Fortier, who
also personally supervised the Quality Control of the internal

The main difference between the Mach SOLO version and
the 4 way 17 version is the SOLO lacks the second woofer so in room bass
response is about 30hz, and it has an internal crossover so can be
driven by a good 2 channel amp, no need for 6 channels of amplification
and an electronic crossover. John himself told me these have most of the
sound of the larger 17 (which makes sense as they are the same design
and manufacturing process in a slightly smaller box).

The design
goal was ruler flat frequency response, even power response, and low
distortion as evidenced by the freq response: 37Hz - 20kHz +/-1dB on
axis measured anechoically at the NRC in Ottawa and with MLSSA. These
can be driven by any high current amplifier. Nominal impedance is 4

This performance is an incredible feat accomplished by very few speakers.

A good speaker will have +- 3db variance, an excellent one +- 2db variance....only the best are ruler flat within 1db.

may see high end speakers with claims of great sound that do not
rigorously make test measurements or publish mis-leading performance
specs like 20hz - 100,000 hz without specifying the variation across the
frequency range. Is there a 3DB rise at 1khz to make the midrange sound
fuller? or a little boost to the mid-bass or treble to make it sound
more dynamic? Sounds great for a short listen but those colorations lead
to listening fatigue, which is why you seen highly colored speakers
regularly on sale when the users tire of the sound of that speaker.
Better to have a speaker that adds as little as possible to the
recording, it's easier to change the record, or the CD than to change
your speakers...

Organ and rap enthusiasts may wish to add a sub
for that bottom octave but these produce very satisfying and tight bass.
The solid metal egg does a great job of controlling beaming of high
freq so the soundstage is very wide and seems to extend beyond the

While these play well in a big room (see the review in
the Audio Critic or Stereophile), the front ported design means they
also sound really good in small rooms and can be placed close to the
back wall. These appear very rarely for sale, only 3 others in the
entire history of CAM, you will never get another chance to own these.

speakers are very heavy so they cannot be shipped. Extended auditions
for CAM members. Pet free and non-smoking home.Never abused, driven with
good equipment (bryston, emotiva, wyred etc)

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See: https://johnotvos.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/waveform-pt1-of-3/

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