Silverline AudioMinuet Supreme PlusnewSilverline Audio Minuet Supreme Plus Superb Piano black Mini MonitorsAsk us about 6 months NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPal Free freight in the lower 48 states Call us at 770-667-5633 to discuss our current deals on all Silverline speakers. Th...699.00

Silverline Audio Minuet Supreme Plus Superb Piano black Mini Monitors

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Package dimensions14.0" × 20.0" × 14.0" (24.0 lbs.)
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Original accessoriesBox, Manual
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  Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPal

          Free freight in the lower 48 states

Call us at 770-667-5633 to discuss our current deals on all Silverline speakers.

The Minuet Supreme Plus is a superb mini monitor that is great for desktop systems as well as small room hi end audio systems. The Plus model is in a larger box and has better bass than the original model. Now only available in Piano Black and on sale at $50.00 off for the pair with free freight. Limited quantity.

Minuet Supreme was listed on The 2011 Editors’ Choice Awards, and also a detailed review on The Absolute Sound magazine (March 2011)
“......Even on a desktop, the Minuet Supreme's do a superb disappear act.....Minuet have a seductively natural presentation....”

Minuet was also listed on the Recommended Components “Editors’ top picks for the industry’s best products” on the Stereophile magazine (April 2011)

The Minuet combined “natural highs” with superior resolution of midrange detail” while never sounding bass-shy...a brilliantly designed lifestyle choice.....”

The Minuet Supreme was rated as "Best Sound - Lowest Price" by Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound magazine as seen on page 39 on their Feb.2011 issue.


"the most revealing and most spacious sounding mini-monitors I've ever heard, and at a price almost anyone can manage.." by The Absolute Sound (April/May 2007) / Chris Martens ... 2007 Editors' Choice Award by The Absolute Sound (The original Minuet)

From the Silverline website:

Design Features
These little gems set a new level of performance for compact sized monitors regardless of price. These beautiful small speakers can handle high current solid state amplifiers effortlessly and will put out room rocking sound levels. They can also sing sweet and loud with lower power output single ended tube amps such as a 7 watt output 300B tube amp. Our custom built treated paper cone mid/woofer and fabric dome tweeter are the state of the art magic, making the Minuet so unique and outstanding. There are so many ways to use them, you will need to try a pair and let your wild imagination guide you.


Alan was blowing people AWAY! From those little tiny speakers came a sound so detailed, yet so absolutely enormous and powerful that listeners were convinced that the large 3-way sitting next to them were in fact playing, not the little guys. Wrong. The little Silverline was a star at the show for the way it outperformed and destroyed some of the monster $30,000 plus loudspeakers that essentially sounded like junk." - Page 13 - Bound for Sound #184


On the end of the known galaxy, just to provide aesthetic and comic balance, Alan Yun of Silverline featured what I would characterize as an anti demo. Instead of a high-powered amp and sophisticated digital front end, he had a miniature 25-watt amp probably outsourced from the grand Duchy of Fenwick, and an ancient Philips CD player he had purchased for five bucks in a yard sale and restored to life with scotch tape and healing herbs (it is now available on e-Bay for ten bucks). He was driving, if I may be allowed the latitude to use that term so loosely given the heroic cheesiness of his rig, a pair of stand-mounted Silverline Audio Minuet loudspeakers, a biwire-ready set of diminutive ass-kickers with a surprising degree of extension and resolution, considering that they are all of 9" x 5.5" x 7.25" and feature a 3" woofer. Again, that is not a typo. Mind you, I didn't see the burning bush but they were authentic hifi speakers and a pretty good value at $600." - Chip Stern - 6 Moons on the original Minuet.

"Silverline Audio. This was a show stopper for me. Using the smaller speakers in the picture, he filled the room with superb sound that was both accurate and almost holographic, and at least went down to the low 40Hz range. Truly amazing for $600 a pair. They sounded better than many of the mega-bucks setups using only a 25 wpc. I actually went up to the speakers and touched the cones to make sure they were producing the sound, then went around to find if there was a hidden woofer. Think I'll get a pair of these for my second system." - Bill Gaw - Enjoy The Music

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Read our #1 rated 13,200 points of AudiogoN feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions or to order these fine mini monitors.


Design (Bass Reflex): 2 way
One 1" silk dome tweeter,
One 3.25" pulp paper cone mid/woofer
Frequency Response: 55 - 28,000 Hz

Sensitivity: 88.5 dB

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

Crossover Frequency: 3500 Hz

Recommended Power: 10 -300 watts RMS

Dimension (H x W x D): 9" x 5.5" x 9.25"
Shipping Weight: 18.5 lbs./pair

Speaker Connections: Bi-wire

Finishes: Piano black

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