Aavik AcousticsU-150usedAavik Acoustics U-150My Aavik U-150 is for sale. The installed optional MQA Dac module lists for $4200. My asking price of $8995 represents a $7300 savings and great opportunity on a one box solution. This U-150 wa...8275.00

Aavik Acoustics U-150 [Expired]

no longer for sale

My Aavik U-150 is for sale. 

The installed optional MQA Dac module lists for $4200. My asking price of $8995 represents a $7300 savings and great opportunity on a one box solution.

This U-150 was purchased new 6 months ago. I am the first and only owner and it sounds flat out amazing. I can’t imagine what one would  have to spend to get better and more powerful sound. I have moved to flea powered amplifier to use with  single driver speakers and have no real need for the 300 Watts of the U-150.  I have way too much HiFi gear and I selling many desirable audio pieces, hence the U-150 has come available. Check out all positive observations on the Internet. 

The reviews for the U-150 and U-300 have been stellar. The U-300 reviewers have commented:

 “the U-300 shows that an integrated amplifier system can be the heart of a cost-no-object system”

 “It is also supremely transparent, removing even the clearest pane of glass between you and the music” 

“ I can’t say that the Aavik sounds like tubes, but neither can I say that it sounds solid-state. It sounds like music” 

“The U-300 is the first solid-state preamp and amp combination I have auditioned, in my own system, that offers a fully satisfying alternative to high-powered tubes”

Why am I discussing the U-300 review, because the subsequent U-150 review stated “That’s the thing about the U-150 Unity from Aavik, It sounds like the U-300. I mean really like the U-300. As in, if you read the review of the U-300, what applies there applies here”

I could go on and on about the sonic performance but I leave at, astounding and world class.

Sorry, I’m not a professional photographer, especially with my iPhone so it hard to see that the U-150 is one the most beautiful pieces audio equipment you can buy . This amplifier just exudes pride of ownership, with its well thought out controls, great ergonomics and precision build. This amplifier has been in humidity controlled, pet, smoke, child and wife free man cave. I rated its condition as excellent but I cannot find a flaw anywhere and I always rated the condition of what I sell very conservatively (see my feedback link). I have over 17 yrs of strong feedback on Audiogon (member name 5560). It confident that it will sell, but I will still respond to all reasonable offers. You should buy this amplifier before I return to my senses and decide to keep it. Included are all factory packaging remote and manual. Payment terms: bank funds transfer or Pay Pal both subject to buyers feedback. contact seller call 407-312-2176 or via ad.

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