EposK1newEpos K1 New speakers with warranty-Save 50% w/Free FreightAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal Sale $349.00 Pair delivered in white Epos speaker closeout deal...349.00

Epos K1 New speakers with warranty-Save 50% w/Free Freight [Expired]

no longer for sale

        Ask us  about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST  thru PayPal



            $349.00 Pair delivered in white             

              Epos speaker closeout deal

We have bought all the remaining Epos speakers from the US importer and are closing them out. Reviews on all these speakers were very good. Epos has always made very good speakers but never sold well in the US. At these deals they should go pretty fast.

       The K1 was TAS Product of the year.  

The Absolute Sound summed with:  "The Epos K1 is one seriously classy little speaker with genuine sonic integrity. It sports many of the virtues that endear us to the finer, pricier two-way compacts, while minimizing the common shortcomings in its "blue plate special" price category. A hugely satisfying effort from Epos to say the least"

                               Design Details

The theories used in the K-Series

The all new K-Series cabinet design is constructed from 15mm MDF and includes some very clever internal bracing to minimize cabinet coloration. The K-Series sees the introduction of a new front firing slot port technology. This slot port was designed for two especial reasons.

Firstly, it allows a high volume of air to pass without introducing any nasty audible effects such as chuffing, unlike some conventional tube ports. Secondly, the slot port has enabled Epos to achieve incredibly low frequency response performance from a relatively small driver area.

One of the key design factors included in the K-Series is the ability to upgrade into an ‘active digital’ speaker. The rear panel and passive crossover are designed to be removed and replaced with our own Active-K module.

The K-Series is available in silk White. It gives a wonderfully luxurious look and feel to these loudspeakers.

Now save over 50% for a limited time. Call us to discuss these fine speakers before they are gone.

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