AcoustatModel 2MHusedAcoustat Model 2MHAcoustat 2MH pair for sale by original owner. These Acoustats have the integrated 10" woofer cabinet on the back of each speaker. Increases the low frequency 'punch' while allowing the electrosta...775.00

Acoustat Model 2MH [Expired]

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Acoustat 2MH pair for sale by original owner.  These Acoustats have the integrated 10" woofer cabinet on the back of each speaker.  Increases the low frequency 'punch' while allowing the electrostatic panels to produce the incredibly fast, detailed mid and upper frequencies.  These are a rare, elegant combination of off-white sock material and black formica bases.  Upgraded to factory Medallion transformers, and both woofers were replaced (not re-foamed) by ATL audio shop.  Includes new black sock material if you prefer a "Vader" look.   Speaker electronics were also upgraded with bi-wire inputs and separate fuses.  They can be jumped for single wire operation.   Condition is VG+ or EX- with only very small blemishes.  Always in non-smoking and cat free environment.  White socks show dust marks from use and places where internal panel wiring touches the fabric, no tares, pulls or wear.  (New black material included} I listened to these for the past 8 months after storage and they play wonderfully.  I listen at under 80db, so they have not been stressed.  They do require an amp that likes low impedance, as they are rated at 4 ohms, I found that a beefy amp makes them really sing. My 60wpc CJ amp worked great. My audio room is smaller now, and these are more speaker than I need.  Difficult to ship, as with most large speakers, I would be glad to deliver them to Denver, Phoenix, Flagstaff, or meet you within 400 miles of Santa Fe, NM for $100 (cost of the fuel).  Let's discuss delivery options.  These are a rare find in this nice condition with a one owner history. 
NOTE: Between Dec 18 - 29 I will not be able to deliver them, have family in town.

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To this day I remember the first time I heard Acoustat Speakers,they were the 1+1. Until that time I thought I had heard the best there was. But those Acoustats just literally blew me away. Thats tough for me to say being the jaded audiophile I am. However due to the 1+1 height of nearly 7 feet I just couldn't use them in the house I had at the time. What a disappointment that was. However a couple of year later the Model 2 came out. Same panels but this time mounted side by side instead of vertical. Now that I could use,in the house I had.

So the review here will be of the Model 2 Acoustats. I have never been disappointed in the sound of the Acoustats. I listen mostly to Jazz,Classical and Rock. The Model 2s always deliver the music with astonshing clarity,detail and depth. For me the most important aspect of a speaker is to deliver the music as close as possible to the orginal studio recording and the Model 2 truly excel in this area. In fact at times damn near startling in their presentation. I have as usual been searching for speakers that could truly out class the venerable Model 2. Have listen to every Planar speaker out there,and to this day have not found any to warrant replacing the Model 2. And for going on 20 years now that speaks volumes on these speakers.

Frequency Response:35-20K + or - 2dB
Sound Pressure Level:105 dB @ 15' in a 12'x18' room
Minimum Power Requirements: 100 Watts RMS
Nominal Impedance:4 Ohms
Power Consumption: 5 watts 120V60 Hz
Control:High Frequency Balance above 10K Hz
Dimensions: 58"x20"x3 1/2"
Weight:64 pounds each with interface.


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