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               Save $300 for a limited time

    and get a FREE $400.00 Core Power Gold power cord

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The Deep Core 1800 is a multi-function power conditioner that re-defines the category. it is a full 15 amp, 1800 watt unit good for amps and all other components.

It is designed to run in front of any power    conditioner and upgrade the sonics

See the the 90 second Tone Audio video at:

In the Enjoy the Music review they sum with:

In my review of the Equi=Core 1800, I stated that the effect it had was magical resulting in quieter backgrounds and a deeper three dimensional image. I really did not think it was possible to squeeze much more improvement out of the system until I inserted the Deep Core 1800 and then properly adjusted it. The improvement top to bottom was similar to the effect that occurs when you clean a camera lens. Everything snapped into clearer focus. The soundstage deepened with images locked solidly in place. I honestly didn't think it would make this much difference, but it did. Okay Walter, let me sum it up like this.

You can't have the Deep Core back either. 

Rufus Smith – Enjoy The Music

In the ToneAudio Dec 2019 review they say:

"Bottom line, it works"

"After trying the Deep Core in a few different system configurations, it unmistakably does reveal more music with no shortcomings. Transients aren’t compromised, and the bottom end is not smeared – another sin that more than one power conditioner has committed during the audition process. Best of all, more musical detail is revealed, without the mid to high range becoming etched, harsh, or overemphasized. This is much harder than it sounds. That’s why most power products ultimately end up being unplugged in favor of the existing devil in the wall socket."

Read the entire review here:

In their December 2019 review Stereotimes summed with:

"Placing the DEEP=CORE 1800 as the front end for power in a variety of configurations, I noted that the signal was indeed enhanced – more palpable, more engaged, with a touch more life to dynamics and cleaner, with a touch of blacker background in quiet areas. These attributes were subtle but apparent."

Read the entire review at:

Here is the latest user feedback:
Walter, I want to thank you for the advice on your Deep Core product line. I purchased the Deep Core and a Diamond AC cable and was astounded on how a very good system started knocking at the door of using the word "Magical" to describe the improvement your products brought to my audio system. The presentation is so stunning that you don't think about words to describe it, you sit and listen.  These products opens more of the heart and soul of the musicians and the music. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your recommendations on these products. JS

The Deep Core 1800 is designed to not only provide clean, spur free power but it also allows the user to optimize the power delivery via a Contour Control user adjustment. The optimization of the power delivery interface can significantly affect sound quality as the power company is a major contributor to attributes such as poor noise floor and dynamic range of the system.

The Deep Core 1800 can be used with almost any system configuration providing optimized power for both source components and power amplifiers.

It will work as a stand alone device, in front of the Equi=Core 1800 or older 1200, 300 etc, or in front of any other power conditioner you may already own. However, it works best when used in front of a quality power conditioner, like our Equi=Core 1800 balanced power conditioner.

The Deep Core 1800 has the following major attributes;

  • An Input circuit that features a unique DC snubber which stops any DC, constant or transient, imposed upon the power lines from passing through the Deep Core and into the system. DC can saturate the transformers or source components and cause voltage fluctuations. DC is a major problem on almost all power lines. Some worse than others. (See the graph and note how the Deep=Core removes all DC)
  • After the DC snubber the Deep Core has a complex common mode filter designed to suppress any RF signals that may be riding on the power lines. This RF energy can raise the noise floor and affect the total dynamic range of the system. The EMI filter is implemented with high quality magnetics that will not saturate under high current conditions.
  • After the common mode filter a second EMI/RFI filter is implemented that further cleanses the power of unwanted out of band products. This additional filter includes integrated surge suppression to insure that no high voltage transients, such as the voltage from a lightning strike, will pass through the system.
  • The last stage of the Deep Core contains the adjustable CONTOUR CONTROL power delivery interface. This interface changes the relationship between neutral and ground and allows the user to optimize the power delivery to your system. This unique capability allows the power to be optimized for each individual system.
The Deep Core 1800 should be connected in front of ANY power conditioner as it is the “final” word in preparing your AC for a good power conditioner. Its unique ability to not only fully cleanse AC power sources of  DC, EMI and RFI noise, as well as to match your AC to your individual components, is unique among competing products. It can also be the foundation of a full A/C cleaning system solution.

We have 6 units out for review currently.

Here are some initial reviewer quotes:

Rufus Smith from Enjoy the Music said: "Where do I attach the chains because you are not getting them back?"

Kemper Holt of AV Showrooms emailed:

"My impressions so far, more low level details, soundstage opens up a little, low bass below 40 Hz seems more present, and twirling the knob (getting up-moving knob-sitting back down), in my system it thins out a bit 1 direction, and thickens/adds meat on the bones the other. Perhaps the lack of any DC leakage in the line allows the system (amp) to generate more/solid bass?"

Size and weight 8 x 8 x 3.5"   (12x12x12 shipping box)
7 pounds  (13 pounds shipping weight)

  Equi=Core 1800 MK2 / Deep=Core 1800 combo package

                          with two $400.00 power cords

This $4290.00 package offers state of the art power conditioning and surge protection and is on sale for $2,499.00 delivered.

Note: We also have an option of a new pure copper duplex to replace the Hubbell for an additional $60.00 on the Deep Core 1800 or $200.00 for all 4 on the Equi=Core 1800 MK2.
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