Peachtree AudioNova 220SEnewB-stock 220wpc Peachtree Audio Nova 220SE-2 year warranty6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal FREE FREIGHT in the LOWER 48 states I have a B-stock new sealed Peachtree Audio Nova 220SE integrated amps for sale. This has a super minor cosmetic b...949.00

B-stock 220wpc Peachtree Audio Nova 220SE-2 year warranty [Expired]

no longer for sale

         6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal

     FREE FREIGHT in the LOWER 48 states

I have a B-stock new sealed Peachtree Audio Nova 220SE integrated amps for sale. This has a super minor cosmetic blemish on the front as shown in the photo. Probably could be sold as new A stock. They saw it during normal QC at Peachtree. It has have the 2 year factory warranty.

The Nova 220SE is a 220 wpc remote controlled integrated amp with excellent Asynchronous 24.192k Sabre DAC, analog input, tube and solid state preamp and pre-out to run a sub. It also has a nice headphone amp. Other manufacturers use the same amp stage and rate them at 250 watts. Peachtree is conservative.

I have heard it outperform some high ends separates from the big boys that sell for multiples of its price.

Here is the latest user feedback: "Hello. I unhooked my Nad M2 ($6,000.00 retail) and hooked up the Nova 220se to my Thiel cs3.6 and my cheesy Onkyo C7030 cd player through the Nova dac. I think the Nova sounds better than the Nad. Thanks very much for your help and your great service and quick shipping."
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In the Hifi+ review when they were $1999.00 Chris Martens said:

"…I think the nova220SE deserves recognition as one of the benchmarks in its class. Best of all, it offers the elusive and desirable combination of sonic finesse and dynamic clout—qualities that free listeners to explore virtually any sort of loudspeakers they might wish to try. For these reasons and more, I think the nova220SE makes a great place to start (or perhaps conclude) a quest for high-end sound at a sensible price."

                                                                                                                       Chris Martens hi-fi+

Tone Audio said:

"Until recently, praising class-D power amplifiers came with a warning that proper speaker matching is crucial. Just like Peachtree’s nova125, the nova220SE needs no such disclaimer. With speakers from Harbeth, Totem, ACI, Golden Ear, and Magnepan, this integrated amplifier shows no weaknesses."

"Even under the intensity of the Magnepan’s 2-ohm load drops and volume levels crossing 100 dB, the amp stays in control. It revels in being driven hard; this isn’t an integrated for those who enjoy listening to music at whisper levels."

"I spend a great deal of time using the nova’s headphone output, which offers 1,170 mW into 32 ohms and really brings a pair of Sennheiser HD800s to life."

Home Theater said:

"... for the modern digital audiophile (with, perhaps, a burgeoning vinyl collection on the side), I cannot recommend this stunning little overachiever highly enough."

"Sonically, it's a gentle giant, with more muscle than one could reasonably expect at this price point, yet its might doesn't come at the expense of delicate nuance or detail."

"As great as the unit sounds with high-quality, high-resolution digital material, its handling of over-the-top sources like Spotify borders on the magical."

"... it's simply one of the most impressive integrated headphone amps I've had the pleasure of auditioning."

From the Peachtree site:

With five inputs, including 24/192 Asynchronous USB, you can enjoy computer and streaming audio with incredible high fidelity sound.

  • Powerful Amplification
    220 watts per channel 8Ω
    350 watts per channel 4Ω
  • High Resolution
    24-bit/192kHz DAC with reclocking to minimize jitter
  • 24/192 Asynchronous USB input for high performance computer audio

The nova220SE has a distinct industrial design that fits naturally in the home. The high gloss black cabinet is hand-sanded and made from wood sourced from sustainable resources. The front panel is crafted from thick six-millimeter brushed aluminum with engraved logos and input labels so they’ll never wear off. A glass window gives a view of the triode tube, which is illuminated by a blue LED when engaged. These are some of the simple touches that provide pride of ownership in an age of disposable hardware.

The Amplifier

Peachtree amplifiers are rated “both channels driven” from 20Hz to 20kHz (full bandwidth of human hearing) to provide real world power ratings. Featuring a blockbuster amplifier that delivers up to 350 watts per channel (4Ω), the nova220SE has power to spare.

The amp in the nova220SE is twice as energy efficient as traditional amplifier technologies, leaving no need for expensive heat sinks or noisy fans that add unnecessary bulk and cost. Whether you enjoy your music at low volumes or want to feel every note, the nova220SE provides the power and headroom needed to appreciate your music’s full dynamic range.


The nova220SE has a built-in 24-bit/192kHz digital to analog converter. Using ESS Technology’s patented Hyperstream Modulator, the DAC in the nova220SE is capable of 100% jitter rejection for maximum fidelity. Any digital source, from an old CD player to a computer to a streamer such as Sonos or AppleTV, can be instantly upgraded. Even compressed audio files sound shockingly good when run through the Peachtree’s DAC, so you can maximize the fun of streaming music from Pandora or concerts on YouTube! Lossless “studio master” 24-bit files can be played back with sound quality above and beyond old-school CD's.

The Preamp

The nova220SE's discrete Class A preamp reproduces clearer micro-detail, decay and texture, which makes listening to your favorite music even more immersive. Because every signal is routed through the preamp it is a critical part of the signal path. The nova220SE benefits from trickle down technology by using the discrete Class A preamp stage found in Peachtree’s top-of-the-line Grand Series. The preamp delivers a balanced signal to the internal amplifier for the highest quality possible.

The Tube Buffer

The nova220SE includes Peachtree’s signature triode tube buffer to soften bright recordings and create a more natural sound. The tube buffer can be engaged or bypassed on the fly with a simple button press on the included remote control, allowing you to listen in either pure solid state or tube mode. A Russian 6N1P military tube (6922 variant) specifically chosen for its consistent reliability is installed and will provide years (average 10,000 hours) of enjoyment. The tube is user replaceable and replacements are readily available. Experience the joy of tubes without the hassles.

The Headphone Amp

More than just a headphone jack, the nova220SE includes a dedicated headphone amp to deliver ten times more power than what you get out of your smartphone or computer. Delivering over 1,000mW of power, ultra low distortion and low output impedance - your headphones will sound better than ever. It’s a truly awesome experience on your head.

  • Optical and coax digital inputs to upgrade digital music streamers like Sonos and Apple TV
  • Pure analog input for your turntable/phono preamp, tuner, SACD player
  • Audiophile-quality headphone amplifier for high-performance headphones
  • Selectable triode tube buffer for more natural sound

The Nova 220SE was a tremendous value at its $1999.00 retail. They are on sale new for $999.00.

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