Synergistic ResearchAtmosphire UEF Level 3 in a 5 meter RCA new pairnewSynergistic Research Atmosphire UEF Level 3 5 meter RCA new pairNew: Synergistic Research Atmosphere Series UEF Level 3 in a 5 meter pair (approximately 15.5 feet) RCA interconnects: New with Factory Warrant=y from a authorized Synergistic Research Dealer. ...1475.00

Synergistic Research Atmosphire UEF Level 3 5 meter RCA new pair [Expired]

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New: Synergistic Research Atmosphere Series UEF Level 3 in a 5 meter pair (approximately 15.5 feet) RCA interconnects:

 New with Factory Warrant=y from a authorized Synergistic Research Dealer.   
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   Making higher levels of musical refinement a reality, the 99.9999% pure Silver Monofilament “Air Strings” within the Atmosphere Level 3 Interconnects transfer musical information without grain or distortion.

   A pure silver interconnect with 4 x Pure Silver Air String geometries, 2 x 4th Generation Tricon and UEF Tech with Graphene for a lower noise floor and higher resolution all without ever sounding analytical or bright. and to give you even more control they are the first interconnects in the Atmosphere line up to benefit from a RED UEF Tuning module which adds further warmth and bloom for systems that require a balance of resolution and musicality; simply listen to the cable with and without the included RED UEF Tuning Module to find your system’s perfect match.

   Lastly, UEF Graphene Shielding and SR Ground Block compatible Ground Plane technology combine with our highest resolution Pure Silver, Silver Matrix and Graphene conductors for breathtaking musical realism.


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