NagraClassic PSUnewNagra Classic PSU - Factory Sealed NEW!Nagra Classic PSU2x output, 12V version, with two DC Lemo cablesNagra Classic VFS (VFS-L): Vibration Free SupportNagra Classic VFS packaged inside box with Classic PSUNagra three year warrantyNo Re...11730.00

Nagra Classic PSU - Factory Sealed NEW! [Expired]

no longer for sale

  • Nagra Classic PSU
  • 2x output, 12V version, with two DC Lemo cables
  • Nagra Classic VFS (VFS-L): Vibration Free Support
  • Nagra Classic VFS packaged inside box with Classic PSU
  • Nagra three year warranty
  • No Returns - Factory Sealed
  • Will ship after funds clear bank account
  • Buyer covers shipping cost
  • Health issue with PTSD and cash flow requires the sale

The Nagra three year warranty can be confirmed for you by René Laflamme, Nagra Sales and Marketing Manager.

For extra protection, the factory sealed box will arrive packed safely in an additional, sturdy, double-corrugated box at least 4 inches larger in all dimensions (listed above).

Given the high dollar value, and to insure confidence for the buyer and seller, is available as an option to PayPal, and I would cover the fee of approximately $180.

Feel free to contact me privately for a phone conversation.

For sale within the continental U.S. only.

I have another listing for Nagra Tube DAC - Factory Sealed.

From the oldest, most prestigious brand in high-end audio, no company has a longer history of producing reliably superior products — in performance, in craftsmanship and in aesthetic.

The Classic PSU can be used with the CD range of products, VPS phono stage, JAZZ, Melody and the latest Classic DAC, Classic PREAMP, HD DAC and TUBE DAC. It will revitalize any Nagra devices and allow them to express their full potential.

A Super Capacitors power supply for all 12V Nagra products, 2x output, 12V version, with two DC Lemo cables.

Steve Hoffman, legendary mastering engineer and noted audiophile, wrote:

“Nagra, the legendary Swiss company has lent me their wonderful vacuum tube DAC with matching Classic PSU (power supply). The units are brand new but without even any proper break-in they sound nicely musical. This elegant duo is already turning everything I play through it to Suisse Gold.”

From Steve’s Twitter account:

“This machine is amazing. That is all. Thanks René Laflamme.”

From the What’s Best Forum:

“I bought the Classic PSU to replace my Nagra MPS. This PSU alone makes a big improvement on my Nagra VPS phono stage.”

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