Trafomatic Pandora MonoblocksusedTrafomatic  Pandora MonoblocksThese never come to the used market. (because they're built like tanks and sound phenomenal) However due to covid stillness the intended dealer has asked us to move them along. Sold with new war...17500.00

Trafomatic Pandora Monoblocks

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These never come to the used market.  (because they're built like tanks and sound phenomenal)  However due to covid stillness the intended dealer has asked us to move them along.  Sold with new warranty.
These are the tremendous Trafomatic Pandora Monoblocks.  They are based upon the SV 811-10 tube that is loved and revered by amplifier designers.  Once difficult to find, (they were the original tube of choice for David Berning's Siegfried until he switched to the 300b due to availability issues ) but are now being made again... the 811-10 burns brighter than most tubes on the market and is meant to do so.  These put out 40 watts per channel class A DHT and give you that extra sense of current that the best tube amps manage.  You can see the stellar review for it here


  1. Combination of direct coupling between stages and Interstage transformer coupling

  2. Implements special C-L-C anode voltage filter using Mundorf MLytic HV type electrolytic and High inductivity filter choke made by Trafomatic Audio

  3. Oversized , low inductivity II C core main transformers

  4. II C core oversized output transformers

  5. The output transformers are highly sectioned with harmonically sized sections, which results in a minimum leakage inductance and the best high frequency performance

  6. -3dB  feedback

Imagings are superbly holographic and the soundstage vastly layered and wide. While sonics are stunning, they will never be in the way of the music’s embedded emotions. The Pandora mono’s are dynamic amplifiers with a firm grip on the beat to convincingly portray musical motion and  faithfully capture how live music flows over time. They recover plenty of detail, provide very good articulation of vocals, produce a large sense of space and build their virtual stage on rock-solid imaging.

Pure and elegant in design, circuit minimalism with very high quality parts preserves the primal qualities of reproduced sound and opens up new dimensions for the playback experience.

The Pandora monoblocks run two drivers tubes 6N30P called also “super tube” and two direct heated triode made by Svetlana 811-10. Each amp houses an epoxy resin-potted 6kg double C-core output transformer, 10Kg main power double C- core transformer , one  high inductivity filter choke and an interstage transformer for driving SV811-10 tubes all made by Trafomatic Audio

High-level line input transformer LL1592 provide  phase splitting with high degree of simetry.
All tubes are with DC heating to improve signal / noise ratio .
Pandora used -3dB of NFB just in output stage ( cathode feedback )
Pandora doesn’t use capacitors in signal path .

Class of operation: Push Pull   DHT class A
Tubes: 2x 6N30P and 2x direct heated triode SV 811-10 per channel
Output impedance: 4 and 8 ohms
Input sensitivity : 1.4Veff at XLR
Input impedance 47Kohms
Gain : +28dB
Output power: 40W
THD at 1W/1kHz: 0.2%
Input:  XLR
Frequency bandwidth:  10Hz (-1dB) – 90KHz (-2dB)
S/N: 88dB
Input voltage: 230V/50Hz- 115V/60Hz selectable
Power consumption: 280VA
Weight: 32 kg per mono
Dimensions: W 340 x D 480 x H270 mm

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